All New Authors Speak Coming Soon!

All New Authors Speak Coming Soon! August 27, 2017

Muslim authors produce valuable artifacts that reveal the foundations and evolution of our cultural identities. As part of her research, NbA Muslims founder Layla Abdullah-Poulos read a variety of books written by NbA Muslims as well as Muslims from different subcultures in the United States and Great Britain. When provided the opportunity, she invited authors to NbA Muslims Authors Speak so readers can learn their motivations and perspectives.

Now NbA Muslims Authors Speak is returning! Join us and authors as we discuss their works and related social issues.

Authors Speak Returning Soon

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papatia_black frame

Papatia Feauxzar

14051634_1111781342247072_3160036363517490251_n (1)

Sahar Abdulaziz

Nasheed Black Frame


Nasheed Jaxson

Karimah Grayson Black Frame

Karimah Grayson

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