ALKEBULAUN: Ode to Black Muslim Women

ALKEBULAUN: Ode to Black Muslim Women February 19, 2018

Poet ALKEBULAUN (Arleym Habeeb) presents Black Muslim women a poem for Black History Month.

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos

African American and Black Muslims have owned Black History Month this year. Multiple endeavors by Black Muslims encourage everyone to appreciate how very totally determinately Blackity, Black, Black, Black Islam is in American culture.

African American Muslims served as the stabilizers of Islam in the United States and continue to be a main representative group in American Muslim culture with dynamic identities that demonstrate solid ownership of Islam and Americanness.

African American Muslim women consistently blazed trails in social justice, intellectual and artistic spheres that allowed Muslims from varying backgrounds opportunities to explore. They are the original, Khimar-wearing American Muslimah who unapologetically assert their Muslimness, Blackness and Americanness, daring someone to start something.

In Noir Amour, poet ALKEBULAUN (Arleym Habeeb) presents Black Muslim women a poem for Black History Month. AlKebulan centers heritage to show a historical continuum of love for Black Muslim women and people.

Noir Amour by ALKEBULAUN

  • Have you ever been in Love
  • Photo Source: Arleym Habeeb

    with a being of Love

  • While wrapped inside God’s Deen of Love?
  • This Love, that God sent to me
  • stretches back for thousands of centuries! Back, Back, Black
  • To the days of Old
  • when our images were
  • engraved in gold
  • When righteous men with the darkest Skin
  • would parade the globe
  • we were soul mates far before
  • our souls’ mates were raped & sold
  • And inside of our hearts
  • a melody plays
  • Songs of how a LOVE that stretching across
  • Decades upon decades could never decay
  • Because When you have said
  • “I Love you”
  • in every single language
  • there is nothing… left… to say,
  • My tongue has swam through Swahili
  • my fingertips have carved graffiti
  • of my Queen Nefertiti
  • In the halls of pyramid walls
  • So the entire world would see me
  • Before selfies and Duck Lips
  • U would pose
  • with your thick hips
  • in pics, painted in hieroglyphs
  • Remember our children of Israel?
  • when we watched by GOD’s decree
  • Photo Source: Pixabay

    How Our prophet Moses raised his staff then split the red sea

  • That is the love that stays hidden inside of us!
  • Together we would worship ALLAH
  • and never worshiped Osiris
  • Remember the love notes we would pass on paper made out of papyrus
  • until those merchants
  • ships came searching just 2 find us
  • they gave us designer auction blocks built For Us to buy us
  • And even through all the lies & falsehood
  • I still found the Truth in my sweet Soujner
  • You became my Harriet
  • and I…Was your Nat Turner
  • How many times was our black skin with the blueish hew
  • Beaten and bruised till
  • The back of you was left
  • Black & Blue
  • The pain of hearing you cry
  • Teardrops falling from your Bloodshot, blackened eye!
  • While I kept finding those
  • six million ways to die
  • trying to save my Nubian Princess Di, Before my princess died!
  • But your kiss…
  • Left me with the remnants of God’s remembrance
  • just a simple kiss from your lips could ease the pain
  • from each blow of our captors’ whips!
  • This Love is our Legacy!
  • Bondage was never bondage with you next to me!
  • Oh, How you used to recite the Quran in the early dawn
  • while cotton plants lay
  • inside our palms!
  • & After we used to pray,
  • you would always say
  • Only God’s passages
  • could give us passage
  • Pic Source: Pixabay

    through the middle passage!
  • Just look at these hurdles
  • we had to come over
  • in order for us to overcome our soul’s being overrun!
  • And in one blink
  • Our Love has endured atrocities
  • that have made so many extinct
  • Our Love has bathed in God’s Mercy & suffered through
  • God’s wrath
  • Our Love landed on Plymouth rock and Broke the Rock in half!
  • And the secret of our love…
  • is locked inside of our Melanin
  • hidden Inside of that smile and your child like grin
  • it echoes from out of your voice inside of God’s guiding hymns
  • My sweet, sweet Bilalian
  • Our love is the sound of Bilal’s voice, saying the Athan again!
  • No Becky can Beckon me
  • from the day of her reckoning
  • No singing Sirens, no symphony playing violins
  • Can call me away from my royal highness
  • Through your loins
  • Is how our legacy would last
  • Even when I had to grow
  • From Red, past Malcolm
  • To Malik, you were always
  • my Betty Shabazz!
  • Our love is beautiful!
  • Beautiful like Sheba’s Throne,
  • Like an Aretha song
  • like costing on the cost of
  • Costa Rica until Kingdom Come!
  • Photo Source: Pixabay

    Beautiful! Beautiful like,

  • owning your own acres of an orchard
  • Like owning a mule
  • & 40 acres of orchids
  • Like Solomons fortress
  • like you next to me
  • Floating in a sea full of porpoise
  • with absolutely no purpose!
  • Imagine Angel-driven carriages
  • And heaven-gate marriages
  • Now do you see why our love
  • was hidden By the Heretics
  • Because the miracle of our Love
  • …is in the history of our heritage!


>The year was 2000, and a Muslim Hip Hop group named “Suni Tribe” just won the Buffalo Music Awards. One of the emcees was Arleym Habeeb aka
> The Black Moor (Now Alkebulaun). After winning the Buffalo Music
> Awards, Arleym Habeeb slowly left the stage as a hip-hop artist &
> drifted in the poetry arena. After cultivating his skills as a poet
> and winning several Poetry Slams, Arleym started to realize he began
> only writing for the crowd and Judges. At that point, he left the Hip
> Hop and Poetry scene completely, all the while watching his brother
> Quadir Lateef shine and flourish in both venues… But as the state of
> Consciousness worsened and after years of hearing the call from Quadir
> Lateef to jump back into the battle to create conscious music to
> combat the constant flood of ignorance over the airwaves indoctrinating our youth.
> Now armed with emceeing and spoken word, Arleym Habeeb
> has now joined the battle of good vs evil under the name ALKEBULAUN.


Instagram: @ifrumiwasblack


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ALKEBULAUN’S The Warrior, The Poet, The Lover . . . The Lyric 


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