Radio Islam – American Islamophobia and Muslim Intercultural Anti-Blackness

Radio Islam – American Islamophobia and Muslim Intercultural Anti-Blackness April 23, 2018

By NbA Muslims Staff

Layla Abdullah-Poulos joined Tariq El-Amin to discuss the book American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear, racial dynamics and how intracultural anti-Blackness hinders the ability to resist subjugation.

El-Amin and Abdullah-Poulos begin their conversation talking about the execution of Beydoun’s book and extend it into how many American Muslims need to develop an increased understanding of how layers of Islamophobia in the country affect their lives as well as the way interact with each other.

The discussion extends into ways anti-Black bias in American Muslim communities contributes to the subjugation of Black Muslims and prevents creating a strong platform of resistance against Islamophobia, racism, and intersections of social subjugation.

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