Radio Islam Book Review: The Heart of Aleppo

Radio Islam Book Review: The Heart of Aleppo December 23, 2018

NbA Muslims Staff

Managing editor, Layla Abdullah-Poulos joined Radio Islam host Tariq ElAmin to talk about the book The Heart of Aleppo: A Story of the Syrian Civil War by Ammar Habib.

Habib uses fiction to tell a story about some of the hardships and dangers children face when forced to survive in their war-torn city.


Amazon Book Blurb:

Once just a normal boy, 13-year-old Zaid Kadir is now caught in the crossfires of the Syrian Civil War!
After standing for over 7,000 years, Aleppo’s ruin came overnight. Separated from his family during the night the rebels attacked the city, thirteen-year-old Zaid Kadir is lost in the middle of a war zone. Alongside his friends, he is forced to survive the dangers of a civil war he does not even fully understand. Zaid witnesses the destruction of the brutal Syrian Civil War as it grows more deadly by the day and rips his city apart. However, as he braves this destruction, as he desperately tries to survive this catastrophe, he discovers something. Zaid realizes that it is in the darkest hours when humanity’s spirit of hope burns brightest.




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