Muslim Production Company Hosts Summer Reading Program

Muslim Production Company Hosts Summer Reading Program June 29, 2019

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Publishing and multimedia company, Omera productions, have launched their 2019 Summer Reading Challenge to promote literacy over the months that American children are out of school.

Every year, educators and parents seek ways to prevent significant learning loss that many children experience over the summer recess. Commonly known as summer slide, it includes up to twenty percent losses in reading gains that require re-learning them the next school year.

“As educators and parents, we realize the importance of children continuing to read over the summer,” explained Abdusamad and Harper.

“Omera’s goal is based on producing books, so it [aligns with our objectives] to do a reading challenge.”

The summer reading program is for children between ages 5 to 12. Participants download a reading log from the Omera Productions website and track their reading until July 10th. Completed logs will be emailed to

All participants receive a prize. The participant who reads the most books will get a free copy of the company’s soon-to-be-released book Zakiyyah’s Talking Flower Garden.

“The challenge is open to all children who wish to participate,” said Abdusamad and Harper.

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