Muslim Parent Asks for Islamic Books With Black People, Gets Answers!

Muslim Parent Asks for Islamic Books With Black People, Gets Answers! June 9, 2019

NbA Muslims Staff

Hadi Shakuur asked for Islamic books that included Black people, and the comments section of his Facebook post exploded with titles.

Black Muslim authors continue to create books featuring Black Muslim children characters and families. When asked about books featuring African American Muslim children, founders of Omera Productions, Dr. Kimberly Harper & Robyn Abdusamad explained:

Our core objective is to provide African American and African American Muslim Children with positive images of themselves in books and multimedia as well as give them opportunities to participate in educational forums that promote self-growth.

Black Muslim authors are also creating spaces to shed a lens on their unique connections to the faith and the African American literary tradition as well as build networks of support.

During a video greeting at the Black Muslim Authors event at NYU, Black Muslim Girl Fly founder, Nia Dixon said, “We are 21st Century griots. We are telling and sharing our authentic experiences as Black Muslim people.”


Below is information about some of the books posted in response to Shakuur’s request. The Islamic morals highlighted range. Some may place emphasis on specific Islamic teachings while others focus on positive identity and communal interactions and social issues from a child’s perspective.

Bashirah and The Amazing Bean Pie by Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins

Available at Amazon

Invite Your Children To Enjoy The Rich And Beautiful Culture Of African American Muslims. Bashirah And The Amazing Bean Pie Shares A Fantastic Story Of A Multi-Generational African American Muslim Family. A Ramadan and Eid Story A Heart Warming Tale Filled With Faith, Food And Family. Join Bashirah As She Celebrates The Eid Holiday! Celebrating Diversity


Zaynab’s Enchanted Scarf by Robyn Abdusamad

Available at Amazon

Zaynab’s Enchanted Scarf teaches young readers about the historical contributions of Africans and African-Americans with beautiful illustrations that reflect the modernization of today as well as the past.

Join Zaynab on a magical trip where she finds the courage and strength to find her way home. In this book, which is part of a series, little Zaynab travels to Africa to meet Queen Amina, Mansa Musa and Egyptian Royalty Ramses and Nefertiti.

Robyn Saleem-Abdusamad is a published author of three children books: “Wahid and His Special Friend,” “You Are Beautiful” and “Zaynab’s Enchanted Scarf”.

Aisha the Navigator Trains a Leader! #1 by Amir Makin

Available at AIC Publications and Amazon

A strong intelligent young girl uses her remarkable gift of time travel to show other girls how their own self-confidence may be found. A remarkable show of illustration detailing a wonderful fantasy filled with lessons for the entire family.

Other titles by Makin

Aisha the Navigator Handles the Bully! Vol #2

Ali The Inventor Saves The Garden

Ali the Inventor Guides City Council! #2



Yaseen’s Big Dream by Umm Juwayriyah

Available at Amazon

Yaseen has got some big dreams. He dreams of helping his family, his friends, and his community. But is it really possible for a kid like Yaseen to do all of those things? Of course, it is! Read Yaseen’s Big Dream to follow him on an adventure unlike any other.

Other titles by Umm Juwayriyah

Hind’s Hands

The Princess and The Good Deed



Jennah’s First Hijab by Halimah Deoliveira

Available at Amazon

Join nine-year-old Jennah on her very first adventure where she discovers the world of Hijab. Also, learn some interesting facts from Jennah about why girls and women wear hijab. This book is perfect for Grades K-3 as a way to introduce information from other cultures to create a diverse and inclusive environment.




No Ordinary Day by George Green

Available at Amazon

Eight-year-old Ibrahim and friends win a Quran competition, where the prize sees them scoring tickets to watch an exciting football game after their class is paid a visit by Hakeem Mohammed, a star football player from the California Spartans.

Hakeem Mohammed and the California Spartans are in New York City for one of the most anticipated football games of the season. Ibrahim and friends unite with Hakeem in the locker room to meet the team before the big game. Though their meetings with Hakeem were brief, he instilled a life long impression before going on to star in one of the most memorable games in football.

This story unfolds in No Ordinary Day, the first book from ‘Childhood Champions’, a new series of stories about a group of Muslim children in New York City and their daily adventures.


Because of H.E.R by Jamilah Bashir

Available at Amazon

Growing up with a sibling that has a disability is not easy. At times Jamilah felt frustrated, sad, and embarrassed of her little sister Aasiyah, and her limitations. Having to help her tie her shoes, get dressed, and look out for her, could be overwhelming. Through the experience, she grew a deep connection with her sister as her protector and friend. Jamilah’s journey growing up with her sister would shape how she would impact the world in later years. Join her as she shares her amazing story, Because of H.E.R. was written to help others who find themselves facing the same challenges.




Nanni’s Hijab by Khadijah Abdulhaqq

Available at Amazon

Nanni’s Hijab is the story of Nanni, a little girl who loves wearing her hijab. She wears a different hijab every day. Her classmates enjoy seeing all the colors and designs of Nanni’s hijabs, except Leslie. Leslie doesn’t like Nanni or her hijabs. She tries to bully Nanni for wearing her hijabs to school. Leslie humiliates Nanni in the schoolyard in front of all their classmates by snatching Nanni’s hijab off of her head. Nanni, not unlike any other Muslim girl, gets very upset with Leslie’s bullying. In her heart, she wants to fight Leslie, but she knows there has to be a better way. Instead of fighting, she goes home to think about the best way to handle Leslie’s bullying. Read about how she handles the situation.

Teach Me about Allah by Khalil Ismail

Coming Soon!











Shakuur’s post demonstrates how Muslim parents seek literature for their children with the necessary representation to foster constructive self-image.

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