Loneliness and Gen. Z

Loneliness and Gen. Z June 3, 2024

Practical Spirituality series

One thing I learned doing pastoral visitation is how lonely many people are. Too many lose their spouse or friends, or get injured, and become hermits. Eating is a social function, so they don’t eat. Loneliness is especially rampant among Generation Z. Over fifty-three percent report loneliness.

You can have fame, wealth, social media friends and likes, text a hundred texts a day, even have a family, and still be very lonely. Gen. Z is very digitally connected, but would prefer to communicate in person. We can make that happen. A little lonely music: Justin Bieber – Lonely (Official Live Performance). Backstreet Boys – Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (Official Video).

Loneliness is hard on people’s health and longevity. According to a Forbes article, loneliness can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. And people who experience social isolation have a 32% higher risk of premature death.

Image of lonely by Microsoft Designer
Image of lonely by Microsoft Designer

“It is not good for the man to be alone, so I will create a companion for him, a perfectly suited partner.” Genesis 2: 18 (The Voice)

Also see Philippians 2:3-4, Proverbs 18, and Hebrews 13:1-25.

Ways to meet or engage people age 18 to 35

Any idea that people in this age group aren’t spiritual and don’t need served by ministry is very uninformed. In this respect, they are like previous generations but feel less need for “religiosity.”

  1. Create an informal space in a church, home, or other place where people can just hang out, feel welcome, and be with others on select nights.
  2. Have an evening meal for people in a church or restaurant where they can meet each other. Keep in mind that schedules vary and children can be a problem that requires babysitting or oversight with activities. So, from others’ experience, scheduling needs to be very flexible.
  3. The Facebook dating site can effectively be used to find friends with this formula: Age ___, straight (or whatever), want to make friends of both men and women.
    Other friendship apps include Bumble For Friends, Friender, Atleto, Yubo, LMK, WINK, Hey! VINA, Plura, Patook, Meetup, and Peanut.
  4. Engage a social organizer to get out there to meet people, find public places to make announcements, and get them together in a meeting space.
  5. Engage a social media influencer to use various social media groups to locate and invite local people. They like to communicate digitally, so build a network from this where they can get announcements. Advertise. Create a church app.
  6. Have events for this age group such as quick dating (get to know others), mixers, special interest groups, etc. The best romances start with friendship and attraction.
  7. Understand their needs and serve them with assistance. On https://connexions.life/ I list 27 life skills that would interest many of them, such as anger management, conflict resolution, and finding meaning and purpose. Be endlessly engaging, positive, enthusiastic, and genuine. Churches with more than one program for this age group show their interest and are most successful at engaging them.
  8. Make videos and post them on social media. Make them warm and entertaining.
  9. Avoid preaching and church doctrine. These are inherently laden with things they find unjust. Talk about genuine spirituality. Most like Jesus and genuine, active faith. Social justice and inclusion are at the top of their list.
  10. Engage them in leadership positions or in service. They want this.
  11. You can build genuine community by being genuine, letting them lead, helping them explore their interests, being available for life, spiritual, and relationship counseling, and enabling meetings.

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We can cure loneliness for all ages, but this is especially needed for Generation Z. All we have to do is be informed and try.

Probability Space

What probability spaces can we open in our minds to find ways to defeat loneliness?

Potential Space

If you think creatively and allow your mind to wander and explore loneliness, how can we help others?


–           Dorian

Our answer is God. God’s answer is us. Together we make the world better.

Restore and recreate. Take time to celebrate life. Sing and dance regularly, even every day.

Bible scripture verses are New American Standard Version (NASB), unless noted.

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