Ministering to Gen. Z

Ministering to Gen. Z June 10, 2024

Practical Spirituality series

Serving the 18 to 35 age group will challenge you to reexamine your traditions of interpretation. LGBTQ interpretation was among the first to fall. If it looks like discrimination, injustice, and exclusivism, Gen. Z will reject it and not come to your church. You may have to rethink not just interpretation, but church itself. The future of the church depends on this group, which recognizes its spiritual needs but is not very religious.

18 to 30 age group with smiles created by Meta AI
18 to 30 age group with smiles created by Meta AI

My series to address specific issues

Get Real! It’s essential that the 18 to 35 age group continue to lead so they are engaged. Being an integral and active part of the church is one key. But they also need the wisdom of others who have already walked this path. If the church can transform itself to accurately represent Jesus and meet their needs, it has a place in their lives.

Projectile Vomiting Scripture on Gen Z. Drowning Gen. Z with scripture won’t work. For example, the doctrine of salvation chases many away. The idea of Hell for everyone not a Christian seems extremely unfair, not a reflection of a caring God, and not worthy of God. Many instinctively reject this teaching. So why do Christians insist on this idea and make it a trap for any who get close? Let’s try to come to a full understanding.

Forgiveness. To many, forgiveness seems like an outdated concept. It was incredibly important in Jesus’ time and hasn’t lost its relevance. But the focus on sin used in some churches is not the correct focus. The focus should be on love.

Is There a Satan? Satan is another rich tradition that has developed over the centuries. It gets the blame for everything bad that happens to us. It is an endless aggravation. Really! We need to go back and understand what Satan means.

The Problem of Evil and Suffering. The problem of evil is a question that deeply troubles every generation and, to some, refutes the idea of a benevolent God of love. It’s been a subject of philosophy and religion for thousands of years. Why would a loving and just God allow evil and suffering?

Loneliness and Gen. Z. Loneliness is especially rampant among Generation Z. Over fifty-three percent report loneliness. All ages can be cured of loneliness, but Generation Z especially needs it. All we have to do is be informed and try.

Dorian Cole is a former pastor who focuses on theology for the 21st century. He is also a founding financial sponsor of Springtide Research Institute, which does basic social-scientific research on emerging generations. And of the TED organization which provides thought leader research findings in TED and Tedx Talks.


–           Dorian

Our answer is God. God’s answer is us. Together we make the world better.

Restore and recreate. Take time to celebrate life. Laugh, sing and dance regularly, even every day. Happy song.

Bible scripture verses are New American Standard Version (NASB), unless noted.

Author’s books

Appease the Volcano: What does God require from people? The voices of the ancients from many religions echo much of the same things: It starts with law, then mercy and forgiveness, then love.

The Prophetic Pattern: Ancient and Modern Prophecy: How to distinguish the intent of various types of prophecies and oracles, both ancient and modern.

Preparing For the Future Of Work and Education: Analysis of the kinds of jobs that AI and Robotics will displace, and the educational requirements for them. AI will replace or augment thirty percent of jobs. This is an in-depth analysis citing many authoritative sources.

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