7 Real Reasons Why People Are Turning to God

7 Real Reasons Why People Are Turning to God March 1, 2020

5. Overwhelmed by the pressures of life. We all come to an end of ourselves, when we are at the bottom, drowning in the overwhelmingness of life. In those moments of need, our hearts are naturally drawn upwards towards God. As one wrote, “I faced a lot of difficulties and problems which made me go into deep depression. Life was so hard and I was under lots of pressure. I was desperately looking for something to help me feel better, but nothing worked.” Even though he originally grew up in a different religion, this man’s desperation led him to accept an invite to church.


6. The invitation of a friend. Never underestimate the power of a simple invitation. For you it might be a habit or even an afterthought, but God has a way of divinely orchestrating life-changing events through a simple invitation. As one wrote, the moment his life changed was the moment when “one of my coworkers invited me to go with him to church.”


7. Realization of who God is. Since God has placed eternity in our hearts, God is always working in us, always drawing us to Himself. Through a myriad of different opportunities, God will reveal Himself to us. As one shared, “I really didn’t start thinking about God until I got older. As I got older I realized that God is important and I started to believe more in Him.”



Be aware of what God is doing around you. Look for people who are hurting because they need the hope you have found in Jesus. Never underestimate the power of an invitation, because God is always working!


QUESTION: What reason, circumstance or influence brought you to faith in Jesus?



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