7 Things The Church Puts Ahead of Reaching People

7 Things The Church Puts Ahead of Reaching People March 27, 2015

On Monday I wrote a (surprisingly viral) blog post about 10 Things the Church Puts Ahead of Reaching People. I had no idea the chord I would strike with this post as it’s been shared over 6,000 times on Facebook and viewed over 37,000 times in the first four days. That post was a written version of what I shared verbally with my church in my most recent sermon. Here’s the video version of Monday’s viral post (I had edited it down to 7 Things for time constraints).

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  • Judy

    I agree with you on these things. However, while I would be willing to have some new music for the young people, I do not think I could attend a church service where the music was three words sung for 45 minutes. If that is the type of music you are referring to I’m afraid I would have to find a different church to worship in. If a church wants to have a service with this type of music there should be another service for those who prefer hymns or no music at all would be easier for me. Would I put it ahead of someone being saved? No, I would just have to attend a different service.