8 Myths That Need to Be Busted Before You Can Make a Difference

8 Myths That Need to Be Busted Before You Can Make a Difference January 28, 2019

Ian Espinosa

Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Everyone wants to be a part of something that matters. The problem is too many Christians are not making a tangible impact in their world. Perhaps what’s holding you back is one of these myths designed to keep your life meaningless. Here are eight myths that need to be busted before you can start making a difference in your world:

The ‘Calling’ Myth – Some would say you need a specific calling from God above and beyond the call to salvation, something akin to a burning bush type experience in the book of Exodus, before you can make a difference. Hanging around seminaries, the myth of the calling was bandied about far too flippantly, almost trying to create a separate tier of Christians, those who had received a direct invitation from God to make a difference. The truth is, we all have the calling we need in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). If you follow Jesus, you’ve already been called to make a difference.

The Seminary Myth – Some would argue that making a difference should be left to the professionals, those who have the requisite educational and ministerial training. But as a seminary trained ‘professional,’ I can tell you definitively that many times the ones making a biggest difference for the Kingdom are not the trained pastors or priests but the ‘average’ Christians on the street. Anyone can make a difference.

The Skeleton Myth – Too many Christians believe that their past disqualifies them from making a difference, that the skeletons in their closet are too much for God to overcome. If that’s you, I would simply invite you to read the stories of Scripture, the lives of the heroes of our faith. Read the stories of Moses, David and Paul, all murderers that God redeemed to make a powerful impact. Nothing in your past disqualifies you from making a difference.

The “Default” Myth – “Default” is a Fortnite reference (for anyone who keeps up with the video game craze currently sweeping the world). The “Default” Myth is the misguided notion that you don’t have anything special, anything that makes you stand out, anything that leads you to believe you can make a difference. You’re a “default.” For too many, their belief in their average-ness or ordinary-ness hinders their ability to make a difference. But every person has been created on purpose for a purpose, and one of the greatest journeys a Christian can take is to discover how God has woven together your personality, your spiritual gifts, your passions and life-experiences together into a powerful purpose that can make a difference.

The African Well Myth – Most of the time, when someone is highlighted for making a difference, it’s for something grandiose, like building a well in Africa. That is a powerful way to make a difference, but that’s not the only way. Many Christians don’t realize that what they may already be doing in their local church or community is in fact making a difference. If you’re a greeter at church or you teach 3rd grade children on Sundays, you are in fact making a difference. You don’t have to build a well in Africa to make a difference.

The Microwave Myth – We live in a world of instantaneous results. So when we attempt to make a difference, we want to see instant results. But making a difference is more like a crock pot and less like a microwave. Because we think our results have to be instantaneous, too many Christians give up before the results of your efforts are seen or known.

The Instagram Myth – Too many Christians think that applause validates the difference they’re making. As the not-so-old adage goes, “If you have a morning devotion but it’s not posted on Instagram, did it ever really happen?” If you’re making a difference but it’s not seen or noticed, don’t buy into the myth that it’s not a difference worth making. Even if heaven alone is your audience, keep making a difference, even if it’s unnoticed by the world.

The Pizza Delivery Myth – Wouldn’t it be nice if our divine opportunity to make a difference would come straight to our doorstep like a pizza delivery? Too many Christians wait around for years and decades, waiting for purpose to come find them. Take an active role in your quest to make a difference. Get out there and do something. Start serving others somewhere, anywhere. If you wait around for your opportunity to make a difference to ring your doorbell, you may be waiting awhile.

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