Five for Friday

Five for Friday September 7, 2012

This week’s links are all over the place. Some will make you mad, and some will inspire you. Enjoy!

Carrying the Gospel to the ‘Roof’ of the World – Guys like this are my hero. I idolize them.

NewSpring Church (A Video Celebration) – Take a second and rejoice with an amazing church who dreamed big and saw 1521 people accept Christ in one weekend.

University of Texas Backs Professor in Battle with Gay Blogger – The gay blogging world is enraged with a study with surprising conclusions. Why is it that people who preach ‘tolerance’ can be the most intolerant?

John MacArthur tees off on Joel Osteen – Respected Bible teacher talks about the dangers of Joel Osteen’s ‘prosperity’ gospel. Tough to watch if you like Joel Osteen, but very very true.

Listening to Negative People Will Make You Dumb – Intriguing research and dissection from Thom Rainer of LifeWay.

"Because God never was on the side of the good people in the first place."

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  • David Daffern

    The link to John MacArthur talking about Joel Osteen was awesome. I hadn’t seen it, but I’m glad that now I have been able to do so. Perhaps I should write to Johnny Mac and urge him to say what he really thinks!