Hooray! We Ruined Church!

Hooray! We Ruined Church! February 19, 2014

We ruined church for someone, and we’re excited about it. A few days ago I received a message from an Air Force family that was at Mt Vernon while they were stationed here, but a year ago moved to another part of the United States. Here’s their message:

Just thought we would let you know that because Mt Vernon set the standard of how a church family should be we think every church here stinks! We still have smiles on our faces when we think of the wonderful welcome team, the non showy praise team, your bible based challenging sermons and the love we felt from the church family. That’s all 🙂

All three things they mentioned are things we work incredibly hard at. We have dozens and dozens of dedicated volunteers who come to church early on Sunday mornings to stand at every door and fill the parking lot. Some say it’s overkill, but we say it’s making a difference.

We have a praise team that works incredibly hard to master their craft while not making a big deal out of themselves. I work tirelessly to make sure that my messages are scripturally sound, culturally relevant and personally challenging. We have a church family that genuinely likes each other and reaches out with open arms to newcomers.

What’s the result of all this? We ruined church for a family. And we couldn’t be happier about it!!

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  • Angie Mooney

    They hit the nail on the head! I agree!