The Side Effects of an Energetic Cleanse

The Side Effects of an Energetic Cleanse January 7, 2020

Last month in preparation for the new moon I did a seven day energy cleanse, which sounds hokey and like a fad diet when I write it out like that, but was in fact a legitimate and necessary experience for my overall wellbeing that had absolutely nothing to do with juice.

It occurred to me while I was going through this cleanse that I should perhaps write about it since others may go through something similar and worry about what they experience. Those who are taking the chakra healing lessons will be learning about energetic cleansing this month and may themselves experience an array of symptoms that they should be prepared for, as well, as they undertake the work.

Everything we do causes some kind of reaction, and energy cleansing is no exception. An energy cleanse breaks down blockages and frees up stagnant energies that have often been within us and around us for a long time, and what this flow and freedom looks like will manifest in a variety of ways. Whenever you do energy cleansing work, you must be aware that it will affect your body and your life. You should be prepared to experience physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms, and in some cases even some big shifts in your life. How it affects you will be unique to you, but common experiences are laid out below.

Physical Symptoms

  • Your senses may intensify. You may find your sense of smell heightened and scents are overwhelming, or sound is overwhelming and especially irritating, for example.
  • You may encounter greater sleep disturbances. Whether that means waking more often in the night, trouble falling asleep, or trouble staying awake, any of these possibilities can occur. You may be more fatigued.
  • Nausea and headache may occur. These symptoms are likely to come in waves instead of lasting consistently for a prolonged period of time. The waves indicate the movement of the energy. You may have moments where you feel like hell, that give way to feeling relatively normal, back to feeling like hell, until the energy stabilizes.
  • Your digestive system may kick into higher gear. After all, you are moving and removing any and all blockages and this is one way we quite literally eliminate what we don’t need.
  • Physical ailments often occur or intensify during an energetic cleanse, but they should not last for a prolonged period of time. Use your best judgment on seeking medical attention for symptoms you experience.

Emotional Symptoms

  • Hidden resentments will likely resurface. Anything that you’ve been bottling up or pushing down will come to the forefront of your consciousness. Resist the urge to push it down again. It needs to be given space to be heard and dealt with so that it can transform.
  • Any areas of imbalance in relationships will come into sharp focus. This is to show you what you need to release. Be gentle with yourself and others, especially those relationships you value, as you make the necessary changes to correct these imbalances.
  • You may feel a variety of emotions in a short time frame, or you may only feel certain emotions that indicate a need for change when you’re around certain people. Take them as the cues that they are, rather than latching on to them. They’re only sign posts.

Spiritual Symptoms

  • You may find your psychic abilities become clearer and more refined. This is mirrored in any of the sensory symptoms you may experience. Your intuition will likely become more prominent. This is a fantastic time to commit to trusting your intuition fully, because it will be easier to follow through, as your intuition will be easier to recognize.
  • You’ll likely get a sense of what is and isn’t working in your spiritual practice (if you have one).
  • As you experience the changes, what is necessary for you to feel at peace with yourself will become clearer. Spiritual harmony usually sets in before the harmony within your body and relationships.

Self Care During An Energetic Cleansing

The first step of self-care is to listen to your body. As much as you can, be consistent with what you feed yourself. Food is medicine, so consider what medicine you really need to support you at this time.

Take it easy and don’t try to do too much. Get as much rest as you can.

Do not resist the changes. Take full responsibility for the quality of your life, and take the appropriate actions you feel prompted to take that are in conjunction with your true values. Before you undergo any purposeful energetic cleanse, you must prepare yourself for taking action based on what comes up.

Journal about your experiences if you feel so inclined.

I recommend taking the opportunity of this cleanse to establish a habit of meditation, if you don’t already have a practice. Five minutes a day is enough, really, whether you’re just focusing on your breath or listening to a meditative song.

The greatest benefits of undergoing a purposeful energetic cleanse is that you become more healthful, more aligned with your true values, you make space for what is truly important in your life, and you release anything that’s been hanging on and sucking up your energy, which gives you freedom.

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