Why You Should Practice Divination Before Magickal Work

Why You Should Practice Divination Before Magickal Work August 4, 2020

Admittedly, it’s been while since I’ve read a book on witchcraft. However, I don’t recall ever reading the advice to practice some sort of divination before doing any spell work in most of the books I’ve read. This was a teaching that came later from a newer mentor of mine, and it’s a teaching that I’ve found incredibly valuable. I can’t speak for other witches but I know that for myself, if I do a spell that my ancestors aren’t on board with, it is not going to be successful.

There’s also the fact that there are a variety of magickal solutions to any single problem. If you need money, you can find ample money spells to work (or create your own), and the same is true for just about any area of need or desire. Divination will help you narrow down what spell will be best and most successful for your situation. It will also help you determine if you need to do multiple spells, and set a plan for longer-term workings.

Both of these issues are good reasons to practice divination before doing spell work. Divine to find out whether or not your ancestors support the spell, because if they don’t you will be wasting time and energy. Then, if you’ve been given the go ahead from your spirit team, divine to determine what the best spell you should use is. This, coupled with important inner work will help ensure that your spell is successful, that you’re using your energy wisely, and that you’re on the right path according to your higher self.

I created this divination spread for you to use for these purposes. Go ahead and experiment with it and see how it affects your own practice. You can expand on the spread a little bit by pulling a card (or rune, or whatever) for different spells you are considering for question two in the spread. View the larger version (and other tarot spreads) here.

View larger image and other tarot spreads here:



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