Wild Rose Medicine

Wild Rose Medicine July 23, 2020

I wanted to write about rose medicine but everything that I came up with felt hollow. The truth is, we often go online to look for the meaning of different symbols and spirits in our lives when their messages are personal. A list of correspondences is dead without relationship to the spirits on that list. Often no one else can tell us what they mean, we can only verify what a spirit is trying to teach us through communion. Communion can take on many different guises. Often spirits speak through others. You know it when it happens.

It was in communion that rose medicine was again confirmed for me by Hekate, and then reiterated through the mouth of a mentor. I’ve had a long-standing relationship with rose so you’d think it wouldn’t come as a surprise, but I had barely scratched the surface and I wasn’t sure what she was trying to teach me this time around. In communion with a friend while we broke bread I learned a bit about the history of the rose. My friend told me that the wild rose, with its many thorns, is much more fragrant than her cultivated cousins. As we have cultivated the thorns out of the rose, we have in turn been denied the blessings of her full fragrance.

And damn if that didn’t hit home. How often have we, especially those of us who identify as women, been made to be or feel smaller for the comfort of others? How often have we compromised and accommodated when we should have said no? How often have we allowed others to clip our thorns and then wondered why we don’t shine so brightly? How often have we allowed others to handicap our magick with their arbitrary rules and false laws? The wild rose doesn’t apologize for drawing your blood when you are careless with her. Why do we?

“Feminine energy is very dark. I’m not sure where the love and light came from. Divine Feminine is like “Respect me or be destroyed.” – Unknown


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