First Things reviews Race and Redemption

First Things reviews Race and Redemption January 21, 2021


by Carl Trueman

While working on “Evangelicals and Race Theory,” I was pleased to discover the recent essay collection Race and Covenant: Recovering the Religious Roots of American Reconciliation, edited by Gerald R. McDermott. Written by a group of largely, but not exclusively, Christian thinkers, it is a most welcome volume in a Christian world divided (at least if the soi-disant leaders on Twitter are to be believed) between those who think racism is the only sin that exists and those who think it is the only sin that doesn’t. The book has none of the stridency that now passes for serious conviction in the wider world of racial politics, left and right. What it offers instead is a discussion of race in America that acknowledges the very real scars of slavery and the ongoing problem of race along with proposals that seek a constructive way forward.

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