A very personal gift one military son gave his mother

A very personal gift one military son gave his mother December 23, 2016


It never fails. Every time a video pops up in my feed of the soldier returning home from serving their country, my eyes brim with tears before I even push the play button.  The same thing happened when I stumbled across this beautiful post on Facebook.

I don’t know Kaz Hawkins, but her reupholstery work is stunning. She was sent this uniform to create a beautiful Christmas gift for a soldier’s mother.  In her post, she writes:

“a royal engineer soldier, serving in afghanistan, sent me his uniform, and asked if i could put in on an armchair for him, he is away, such a lot, but coming home for xmas, this is for his mum to sit in when he is away, how wonderful is that?”


Can’t you just picture his mother sitting in the arm chair each time she is missing her son? I think this is such a thoughtful, creative gift for a son to give his mother. Kaz’s post has now gone viral with so many people moved by his sentiment behind this gift.

I had never seen anything so touching made from a soldier’s uniform, and it made me wonder if this had been done before. Then, I stumbled upon this piece.


During an awards ceremony honoring former Sergeant Major Micheal Barrett, this arm chair covered in military dress blues was presented to commemorate his time in the Corps.



Kendra Motz, from Twenty-one Redone, created this chair from materials the Marine shop donated. I love how she incorporated elements from the uniform into the chair, with the red piping and brass buttons.

Isn’t that just beautiful?

And as I was sleuthing, I also found a shop in London that specializes in this very thing.


Rhubarb London

This arm chair was covered in a WW2 Royal Air Force coat by Rhubarb London, who have been making pieces like these since 2013.

Personally, I might lean more toward a project like this, using a canvas bag as material.


This arm chair was found at a Flea Market in Phoenix, AZ. I love the use of the grommets in the piece.

What do you think about this? Would you take apart a uniform to cover a chair? Would you find this honorable? The sentiment behind the soldier’s gift is undeniably touching and has moved so many to share Kaz’s post and it definitely brought tears to my eyes.

There is one momma out there who will be getting a wonderful surprise this Christmas!

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