Children’s Ostara Spring Welcoming

Children’s Ostara Spring Welcoming March 16, 2019


Young fluffy rabbit with some decorated eggs.
Which came first? The bunny or the eggs?

Here is  simple ritual to perform with children in honor of Spring. You can also use it to introduce some simple concepts, such as circle casting, energy raising, grounding, and even herbalism.  It was first published in Llewellyn’s 2007 Magical Almanac. I hope you enjoy it.

Supplies Needed: North – eggs or spring flowers, South – oil lamp, East – spring water, West – feathers, hard-boiled eggs for each person participating in ritual, egg decorating supplies, pots, potting soil, plants, small loaf of bread, deity representations, sparkling grape juice

For this ritual you’ll need hard-boiled eggs. They can be either decorated ahead of time or in the circle. You will also need some small plants, preferably kid-friendly herbs, but flowers will also work.

Cast the circle and then summon the quarters. Starting in the East, welcome the powers of Water, quenching the thirst of Mother Earth as she awakens from her wintry sleep. In the South, welcome the powers of Fire, warming the land once more. To the West, welcome the powers of Air, as its breezes lift our spirits with the energy of renewed life. In the North welcome the powers of Earth as life is awakened after the cold winter months. After summoning the directions, invoke the deities if you wish.

The main part of this ritual is very simple. Bless the eggs; put some soil in the pot, put in the egg, and then more soil and the plant. Eggs are a symbol of life, hence their inclusion in the pots. This is also a good time to introduce raising and directing personal energy, showing your children how to raise energy in their hands and then direct that energy towards the soil surrounding the plants. An introduction to herbalism could begin here as well while your child learns about their plant and how it can be used. And of course, personal responsibility is reinforced as they take care of their growing plant.

After the planting and any necessary grounding is finished, enjoy the cakes and juice. Perform a circle closing and it is done.

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