Wonder Rush – Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

Wonder Rush – Truth, Goodness, and Beauty January 14, 2015

By Evan Koons

In keeping with the Economy of Wonder, enjoy Dr. Peter Kreeft pontificating on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty like you’ve never heard him before–with a jazz-infused, hip-hop accompaniment.

This mash-up was assembled using portions of Dr. Kreeft’s 2014 Acton University address Good, True, and Beautiful: C.S. Lewis. It’s sure to have you not only taking note, but also bobbing your head. And a very special thanks to Dr. Kreeft for allowing us to plumb his address. Visit his website, you’ll be a better human for it.

BONUS: January registration for Acton University lands you a free copy of For The Life Of The World

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