How God and Man Make a Sandwich


By Joe Carter In 1958, Leonard Read published his brilliant essay, “I, Pencil.” Read’s original essay was written from the point of view of the pencil and the humble writing implement explains why it is as much a creation of God as a tree. Since only God can make a tree, I insist that only God [Read More...]

The Magic of the Small Town Barbershop

Center Court Barbershop (photo credit: Company web site)

By Chris Horst I pushed open the door of Center Court Barbershop and sat down, awaiting my turn. Center Court looked like a proper barbershop should look. Classic swivel chairs lined the mirrors. Longtime patrons, kids and adults alike, chatted about local news. Nobody rushed or hurried, despite the wait. I stopped at Center Court on [Read More...]

Now Available: Lester DeKoster’s ‘Work,’ Re-Issued with New Afterword


By Joseph Sunde Originally written in 1982, Lester DeKoster’s small book,Work: The Meaning of Your Life, has had a tremendous impact on the hearts and minds of many, reorienting our attitudes and amplifying our visions about all that, at first, might seem mundane. More recently, the book’s core thesis was put on display in Acton’s film series, For the Life [Read More...]

Show Me the Way to Poverty


By Dylan Pahman In a recent speech in Bolivia, Pope Francis voiced his indictment of what he calls “the globalization of exclusion and indifference.” Speaking of what he believes to be problems universal to Latin America, he wishes, “May the cry of the excluded be heard in Latin America and throughout the world.” But who, I [Read More...]

The Trinity in the Household


By Evan Koons Our mailbox keeps on getting filled with letters from you, and all we can say is “thank you, thank you, thank you.” Please keep sending them in! It’s awesome hearing your thoughts and stories, just like in this letter from exile Carolina Hinojosa. She wrote this letter to us after viewing episode two [Read More...]

VIDEO: What Causes the Poverty Of Nations?


The Acton Institute recently had the privilege of hosting theologian Wayne Grudem and economist Barry Asmus, who spoke together on the topic of their book, The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution. The title nods to Adam Smith’s classic The Wealth of Nations, which inquired into what factors led certain nations to prosper. Grudmen and Asmus’s book looks at the [Read More...]

These Prisoners Are Finding Purpose Through Welding (And So Could You)


By Joseph Sunde With the rise of the information economy, many millennials have steered clear from blue-collar jobs and manual labor, often prodded by their parents to pursue a “real education” and “a better life. As folks like Mike Rowe have only begun to highlight, such attitudes have led to a serious skills gap in the trades, [Read More...]

Nurture in the Economy of Love: Insights on Parental Discipleship


By Charlie Self The spate of Planned Parenthood videos raises many issues, one of which is the importance of nurturing the lives that we have had a hand in conceiving, adopting, and welcoming into our homes. As we participate in the Economy of Love, nurturing discipleship will include biblically and theologically informed insights for parents as [Read More...]

Psalm 19: What Is Human Flourishing?


By Joe Carter The mission of the Acton Institute is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles. We seek to articulate a vision of society that is both free and virtuous, the end of which is human flourishing. That phrase — “human flourishing” — has become such a [Read More...]