Do We Simply Want to End Poverty, or Do We Want Humans to Flourish?

By Elise Hilton People of good will wish to end poverty. No one who lives in abject poverty wishes to remain there. We all know that poverty is a problem, but we differ on how to “fix” it. One clear distinction, discussed by Stephanie Summers, is whether we want to end poverty, or whether we [Read More…]

Stewarding Retirement: Why a Christian’s Work Never Ends

By Joseph Sunde As Christians in the modern economy, we face a constant temptation to limit our work and stewardship to the temporal and the material, focusing only on “putting in our 40,” working for the next paycheck, and tucking away enough cash for a cozy retirement. Such priorities have led many to absorb the most [Read More…]

Can Overproduction Ever Be Good Stewardship?

By Tyler Groenendal Overproduction, simply put, is supply in excess of demand. It is the production of more goods and services than those in the market would like to purchase. In a well functioning market economy, overproduction should be temporary. In a dynamic market driven by entrepreneurs, resources become allocated towards their most highly valued uses. If [Read More…]

Spiritual Change in the Great Enrichment

By Joseph Sunde In Dierdre McCloskey’s latest book, Bourgeois Equality: How Ideas, Not Capital or Institutions, Enriched the World, she builds on her ongoing thesis that our newfound prosperity is not due to systems, tools, or materials, but the ideas, virtues, and rhetoric behind them. Much has been made of her argument as it relates to the [Read More…]

The Rise Campaign: Restoring New York City through the Workplace

By Allison Gilbert New York City has been called one of the least religious cities in America. In recent years though, ministries’ based there have felt a resurgence of the gospel movement and seen potential for cultural change. Because of this Tim Keller and his church, Redeemer Presbyterian, have started the Rise campaign. Rise is [Read More…]

Why Religious Liberty Cannot Prosper without Economic Liberty

By Jay Richards In recent years, religious freedom in the United States has been treated by its defenders as a special form of freedom distinct from, say, political or economic freedom. This is not a viable long-term strategy for protecting religious freedom. Both economic and religious freedom tend to exist together in the same societies; [Read More…]

Is God Opposed to Christians Making Lots of Money?

By Joseph Sunde “Being Godly doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be wealthy. God makes no such guarantees in the Bible, so goodbye, prosperity gospel…[But] God clearly is not opposed to wealth in a kind of blanket way. He’s not even opposed, necessarily, to tremendous wealth, gobstopping amounts of money.” –Owen Strachan In a [Read More…]

Pokémon GO is the Sweet, Successful Fruit of Failure

By Dylan Pahman In a weekend, Pokémon GO has already taken our smartphones by storm. But where did it come from? On the one hand, this is a simple question to answer: Nintendo. Pokémon is a game franchise created by Nintendo, and Pokémon GO is the newest installment. But Pokémon GO isn’t just more of [Read More…]

How Kentucky Schools Are Rejecting the ‘College Readiness’ Cookie Cutter

By Joseph Sunde Fueled by a mix of misguided cultural pressures and misaligned government incentives, college tuition has been rising for decades, outpacing general inflation by a wide margin. Yet despite the underlying problems, our politicians seem increasingly inclined to cement the status quo. Whether it be increased subsidies for student loans or promises of “free college” for all, [Read More…]

The Higher Calling of the ‘Dismal Science’ of Economics

By Dylan Pahman Economist and theologian Paul Heyne once asked the question, “Are economists basically immoral?” He asked this because economists have a frustrating tendency to interrupt the high moral aspirations of others with complications about how, in the real world, life is not so simple. When other people are concerned with social justice and [Read More…]