It’s Not About You: Vocation as a Means of Crucifixion


By Joseph Sunde As I’ve noted int he past, as Christians, we must always remain conscious of the temptations of self-chosen sacrifice and self-willed religion. Ours is a service not of our own design or choosing, and when we orient our lives accordingly, our stewardship is all the more powerful for it. In a recent reflection on vocation, [Read More...]

Risky Business at a Trucking Company


By Chris Horst Trucks fill our highways, rushing goods and gifts from one place to another. In a suburb north of Denver, Prime Trailer Leasing manages a fleet of gleaming white semi-trailers. Like the Hertz of semi-trucks, Prime owns and rents its trucks to commercial customers of all varieties. Wes Gardner, the founder and owner of Prime, acknowledges [Read More...]

FLOW: We Want Your Stories!


By Evan Koons Has For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles inspired you, moved you, challenged you in new ways? If so, then we really want to hear from you! Email your stories and/or testimonials to I’ll read them and follow-up with you, and if your story makes it to the blog, we’ll send [Read More...]

Work and the Fabric of Civilization


By Lester DeKoster The following is an adapted excerpt from Work: The Meaning of Your Life by Lester DeKoster. It is reprinted here with permission from Christian’s Library Press. The fabric of civilization, like all fabrics, is made up of countless tiny threads—each thread the work of someone. Superficially, any given thread might be readily spared or replaced—that [Read More...]

Dignity: A Dinosaur


By Dylan Pahman What does human dignity look like in real life? A decade ago now, I worked for UPS as a revenue auditor. “Revenue auditor” is a fancy name for someone who would measure and weigh boxes to make sure customers were billing themselves correctly. In short time, my working ambition was rewarded (or [Read More...]

Lessons in Creative Destruction from ‘Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel’


By Joseph Sunde Creative destruction can be a painful thing, particularly when you’re the one being destroyed. I’ve been-there done-that, and when things hit, I can’t say that I cared too much about Joseph Schumpeter and his fancy ideas. Alas, even when we have a firm understanding of the long-term social and economic benefits of such destruction — [Read More...]

The Church: Christ’s Body Offered to the Father


By Evan Koons Remember this: the church is the body of Christ, given as a gift, for the life of the world. Your church is the body of Christ, given as a gift, for the life of the world! And what do we know about Christ’s body? It was beaten and bruised and offered as a gift [Read More...]

How Hiring a Convicted Felon Changed a Business and Saved a Life


By Elise Hilton No doubt about it: hiring a convicted felon is a gamble. For someone out of prison, it can seem as if no one wants you. You’re too much of a risk. Then someone takes that risk. And it changes everything. For a man named Three Feathers, who had spent more than 28 [Read More...]

Celebrating the Work of Mothers


By Joseph Sunde In a stunning video, Matt Bieler strings together beautiful images and a few simple words to celebrate the work of three stay-at-home moms from three different regions of the country. The tasks shown, like those of any mother, are numerous and varied, and those explicitly mentioned follow accordingly: breakfast-maker, sibling caretaker, teacher, cleaner, [Read More...]

Boyhood, the Masculine Spirit, and the Formative Power of Work


By Joseph Sunde The modern age has introduced many blessings when it comes to child-rearing and child development, offering kids ever more opportunities for education, play, personal development, and social interaction. Yet as time, leisure, and wealth continue to increase, and as we move farther away from years of excessive and intensive child labor, we ought to be wary [Read More...]