Why Religious Liberty Cannot Prosper without Economic Liberty

By Jay Richards In recent years, religious freedom in the United States has been treated by its defenders as a special form of freedom distinct from, say, political or economic freedom. This is not a viable long-term strategy for protecting religious freedom. Both economic and religious freedom tend to exist together in the same societies; [Read More…]

Is God Opposed to Christians Making Lots of Money?

By Joseph Sunde “Being Godly doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be wealthy. God makes no such guarantees in the Bible, so goodbye, prosperity gospel…[But] God clearly is not opposed to wealth in a kind of blanket way. He’s not even opposed, necessarily, to tremendous wealth, gobstopping amounts of money.” –Owen Strachan In a [Read More…]

Pokémon GO is the Sweet, Successful Fruit of Failure

By Dylan Pahman In a weekend, Pokémon GO has already taken our smartphones by storm. But where did it come from? On the one hand, this is a simple question to answer: Nintendo. Pokémon is a game franchise created by Nintendo, and Pokémon GO is the newest installment. But Pokémon GO isn’t just more of [Read More…]

How Kentucky Schools Are Rejecting the ‘College Readiness’ Cookie Cutter

By Joseph Sunde Fueled by a mix of misguided cultural pressures and misaligned government incentives, college tuition has been rising for decades, outpacing general inflation by a wide margin. Yet despite the underlying problems, our politicians seem increasingly inclined to cement the status quo. Whether it be increased subsidies for student loans or promises of “free college” for all, [Read More…]

The Higher Calling of the ‘Dismal Science’ of Economics

By Dylan Pahman Economist and theologian Paul Heyne once asked the question, “Are economists basically immoral?” He asked this because economists have a frustrating tendency to interrupt the high moral aspirations of others with complications about how, in the real world, life is not so simple. When other people are concerned with social justice and [Read More…]

What Is the Meaning of Work?

By Caroline Roberts Working comprises the bulk of most people’s adult lives. Unfortunately, many people find their work unfulfilling and dread Monday mornings. How can we find meaning and a sense of vocation in even the most mundane work environments? In a recent article in The Atlantic, Uri Friedman presents seven helpful pieces of advice given [Read More…]

McDonald’s as Social Enterprise: Capitalism’s Community Center?

By Joseph Sunde We live, work, and consume within an increasingly grand, globalized economy. Yet standing amidst its many fruits and blessings, we move about our lives giving little thought to why we’re working, who we’re serving, and how exactly our needs are being met. Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” feels more invisible than ever. In [Read More…]

Bruce Wayne: A Capitalist Superhero

By Daniel Menjivar The real hero of the recently released Batman v. Superman film is an often overshadowed character, Bruce Wayne. Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne is the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and the hero that Gotham, and in the case of this film, Metropolis needs too. Bruce Wayne is, in fact, a capitalist superhero. In [Read More…]

Consider Hiring More Christians. Here’s Why.

By Paul Graves Honesty. Integrity. Truthfulness. All hallmarks of good business practice, right? We all want employees with strong business ethics and good moral convictions. But when was the last time it came up in an interview? Something like: “Have you ever had work experience that challenged your moral compass?” Let’s push it a bit further. “Where [Read More…]

Gospel as Oasis: Bringing Economic Flourishing to Urban Deserts

By Joseph Sunde “The Bible has a rich desert theology…He will cause rivers to flow, even in desert conditions.” –Christopher Brooks Pastor Christopher Brooks and Evangel Ministries have demonstrated a unique model of urban ministry in Detroit, focusing not just on meeting immediate needs through traditional channels, but on fostering a vision of long-term, whole-life [Read More…]