The Church’s Call to Steward God’s Mission in the World


By Stephen Grabill Although Christians across denominational lines often use stewardship language to describe our calling to live out God’s mission in the world, what we mean theologically by “stewardship” varies greatly across religious traditions. Some think stewardship is tithing; others think it means volunteering or living a simple lifestyle. Still others identify stewardship with [Read More...]

It’s Personal


By Heidi Segal Spend half a moment in the workaday world and likely you’ll hear the phrase, “it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” What does that mean, exactly? Is the marketplace uninhabited by people, disengaged from unique personalities and talents? For some, the phrase carries an esteemed objectivity corresponding to expeditious logic or a lifeless [Read More...]

The Art of Apple Picking and the Dignity Of Work

By Elise Hilton It is nearly time to pick apples. Row after row of trees, marked Gala and Honeycrisp and Red Delicious: an abundance of fruit that must be harvested in a relatively short time. And there is more to it than just yanking a piece of fruit off a branch: [T]he job is more difficult than [Read More...]

Kuyper on the ‘Sacred Calling’ of Scholarship

By Joseph Sunde The church has found a renewed interest in matters of “faith-work integration,” but while we hear plenty about following the voice of God in business and entrepreneurship, we hear very little about the world of academia. What does it mean, as a Christian, to be called to the work of scholarship? In Scholarship, a [Read More...]

What Is ‘For the Life of the World’?

By Evan Koons There’s a number of ways you could have heard about For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles (FLOW). Maybe you attended a premiere or saw the trailer or got an email. Maybe you read about us in a magazine or heard a message over the airwaves. My favorite would be if you were [Read More...]

Made to Trade

By Jordan Ballor Something as mundane as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich has something profound to teach us about the social nature of the human person. We were, to put it bluntly, made to trade. God created us to live in community with one another and placed within us a disposition both to give [Read More...]

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places

By Joseph Sunde In a recent video blog from For the Life of the World, Evan Koons reads a beautiful poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins over some striking visual imagery. Watch it below: Hopkins begins by highlighting the wondrous and mysterious pulse of nature, moving eventually to the acts of we “mortal things,” prone to appease the self, and [Read More...]

The God Who Makes Himself Known Through Vocation

By Ray Nothstine It was Blaise Pascal who noted that, “Jesus Christ is the end of all, and the center to which all tends.” Whether we are conscious of it or not, our vocation and work plays a part in revealing His glory. Christ comes to meet us in our vocation and circumstances. Cyril of [Read More...]

Letters to the Exiles: A New Approach to Cultural Engagement

By Joseph Sunde “What is our salvation actually for?” It’s a question that Christians neglect to ask or seriously consider, and even for those of us who do, we tend toward answers far too focused on ourselves — our personal well-being, our piety, or some perceived pathway to heaven. But what if salvation isn’t just [Read More...]

Sixpence Economics


By Jordan Ballor At the conclusion of the first of his two chapters exploring the theological virtue of faith in Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis provides a brief illustration that helps set the stage quite well for a discussion of the relationship between theology and economics, a relationship that currently stands in need of serious repair. Lewis [Read More...]