Work: When the Journey is Too Much


By Evan Koons Work, by its very nature, is gift-giving! It is is a mysterious collaboration of harmony and abundance! And in the brokenness of a fallen world, it is a form of sanctification, a daily call to deny ourselves and take up our cross. What a glorious silver lining to the doldrums of our day-to-day tasks! Right? I mean, [Read More...]

‘Need Is Universal’: Entrepreneurship and Faith


By Elise Hilton Do you recognize the name Jessica Jackley? What about Kiva? Jackley is the young woman who started Kiva in 2005. Kiva, a crowdfunding site, asks not simply for donations, but for micro-loans. To date, Kiva has facilitated $730 million in loans in 83 countries, funding entrepreneurs in agriculture, clothing manufacturing, and transportation, just [Read More...]

Abraham Kuyper’s Advice for the New School Year


By Joseph Sunde The new school year has begun, and with it, students have flocked back to their schools, colleges, and universities to encounter the challenges, gifts, and opportunities that a life of scholarship entails. But upon entering this field of labor, what are we as Christians to consider and deliver? What is the goal of academic study, and what [Read More...]

Is There a Case for Virtue and Economic Growth?


By James V. Schall Bernard de Mandeville (1670–1733) famously (or infamously) suggested that the cause of wealth is vice. If everyone were perfect, Mandeville thought, no one would demand anything. Everyone would be content with little. With no aggregate demand, no production would arise to meet that demand. If no one drinks beer, no brewing industry [Read More...]

3 Things I Wish Pope Francis Knew About A Free Economy


By Joe Carter Pope Francis has said that he’s generally “allergic” to financial matters. Yet that hasn’t stopped him from criticizing capitalism and suggesting radical changes for a global economic order. During his recent trip to Latin America, the pontiff has been especially denunciatory, saying the unfettered pursuit of money is “the dung of the [Read More...]

5 Things Craigslist Teaches Us About The Beauty of Trade


By Joseph Sunde I’ve been a Craigslist fan for years, using it for everything from snagging free goods to securing new jobs to buying baby strollers to selling baby strollers. Yet even as I’ve become somewhat of a Craigslist veteran — constantly swapping this for that and that for this — each experience brings with it a [Read More...]

The Messy Vlog


By Evan Koons There are not a lot of differences between family and manure (or making a vlog post about family and manure, as it turns out). It’s bound to get messy. Watch and see. Originally published at the FLOW blog [Read more...]

The High Price of Human Trafficking


By Elise Hilton “Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ. It is a crime against humanity. The very fact of our being here to combine our efforts means that we want our strategies and areas of expertise to be accompanied and reinforced by [Read More...]

Chalk Art For the Life of the World


By Joseph Sunde In his review of the Acton Institute’s film series, For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles, Andy Crouch noted its artistic merits, observing how well it conveyed “deeply Christian themes in widely accessible ways.” “I can only hope that many of us will indeed watch and learn,” he writes, “and that we will then [Read More...]