Loving the Hunt: Kuyper on Scholarship and Stewardship

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By Joseph Sunde In “Scholastica II,” a convocation address delivered to Amsterdam’s Free University in 1900 (now translated under the title, Scholarship), Abraham Kuyper explores the ultimate goal of “genuine study,” asking, “Is it to seek or find?” Alluding to academics who search for the sake of searching, Kuyper concludes that “seeking should be in the service of [Read More...]

A Prayer for the Aid of God in Vocation


By Jordan Ballor At the conclusion of the English translation of Niels Hemmingsen’s The Way of Life (1578) (Latin: Via Vitae) is a series of short prayers. The selection includes one “for the aid of God in the needful businesses of our vocation.” The (modernized) text reads: “Give me understanding, O Lord, and assist my endeavors, that I may faithfully [Read More...]

Welfare, Work, and Human Dignity


By Dylan Pahman A website called Over Fifty and Out of Work offers Baby-Boomers who have lost their jobs an opportunity to share their stories. Many talk of age discrimination in hiring practices as they look for new work, but all speak of the trial of wanting to work but being unable to find it. The stories [Read More...]

Why Christians Should Listen to Mike Rowe on (Not) ‘Following Your Passion’


By Joseph Sunde Television personality and former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe has become somewhat notorious for penning pointed responses to fans and critics on Facebook, offering routine challenges to prevailing attitudes about work, calling, and vocation. In his most recent rant, Rowe stays true to form, explaining to a man named “Stephen” why popular vocational directives such as “follow your passion!” make for such terrible advice: [Read More...]

Common Grace, Vocation, and Young Adults


By Elise Hilton In preparation for the Symposium on Common Grace in Business (co-sponsored by the Acton Institute and Calvin College), I spent time with Shirley Roels, one of the moderators for the event. Roels, a former business faculty member at Calvin College, is now senior advisor to NetVUE (Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education.) Roels now [Read More...]

Exile Supply Pack: Expand Your FLOW Experience


By Joseph Sunde The Acton Institute’s new film series, For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles, was released earlier this year, and in the months since, has garnered heaps of praise from a variety of corners, most recently in Christianity Today, where Andy Crouch described it as “Christian popular culture that embodies theological and spiritual maturity—and childlike humility.” [Read More...]

Walking on Water


By Evan Koons World-renowned fine artist, and special guest in Episode 6 of For the Life of the World, Makoto Fujimura recently came to Grand Rapids to promote his latest work “Walking on Water – Azurite” for the nationally-recognized art competition ArtPrize. An elegy to the 2011 Tsunami that obliterated the coasts of Japan’s northern islands, “Walking on Water” seizes [Read More...]

The ‘Transformational Quartet’ of Christian Stewardship

Transformational Quartet

By Joseph Sunde “Christian discipleship is nothing less than conformity to Christ—as individual believers and as local communities,” writes Charlie Self in Flourishing Churches and Communities, CLP’s Pentecostal primer on faith, work, and economics. “The very life of God is in us.” Most of us have heard the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in their basic forms, but understanding [Read More...]

The Image of God and You


By Jordan Ballor Conversations about human dignity often, and rightly, refer to the biblical concept of the image of God. In the creation account in Genesis 1:27 we read that “God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” The third person pronouns [Read More...]

‘Abraham Kuyper Goes Pop’ in FLOW

By Elise Hilton Andy Crouch, Christian author, musician and former Acton University plenary speaker, reviews For the Life of the World, a new film series produced by the Acton Institute. In the newest edition of Christianity Today, Crouch discusses how the series takes the Dutch Reformed theology of Abraham Kuyper and “pops” it in a whole new direction. The result, [Read More...]