All Is Gift


“All that exists is God’s gift to man, and it all exists to make God known to man, to make man’s life communion with God…God blesses everything He creates, and, in biblical language, this means that He makes all creation the sign and means of His presence and wisdom, love and revelation.” -Alexander Schmemann The [Read More...]

Everything Really Is Awesome

By Jordan Ballor There’s much for lovers of faith and freedom to appreciate in the new LEGO movie. The film aptly captures the playfulness and creativity that have been so closely identified with the little plastic bricks for decades. One of the more memorable lines from the film is the chorus to a little ditty that recurs [Read More...]

The Economy of Love…Magnified

By Evan Koons When thinking about the Economy of Love and living a life of offering, I can’t help but think about Abraham and his family, his faithfulness to God’s promises…and sand. Yes, sand. In Genesis 22:17, after a staggeringly faithful, albeit tumultuous, few days on the top of a mountain, God reminds Abraham, “I [Read More...]

Fatherhood and the Weight of Work in the Home

By Joseph Sunde Mothers who have achieved success in corporate America are often asked how they balance the demands of child-rearing with those of their careers, and understandably so. Fathers, on the other hand? Not so much. The demands of motherhood are significant, to be sure, particularly during pregnancy and the early stages of child development. But [Read More...]

FLOW: ‘The Best Treatment of Faith & Culture Ever Put on a Screen’

By Joseph Sunde Word is continuing to spread about For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles, the latest film series from the Acton Institute, which seeks to expand the Christian imagination when it comes to whole-life stewardship and cultural engagement. With screenings and appearances at places like Q Nashville, Flourish San Diego,Acton U, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, [Read More...]

Serving the Least of These Through Our Daily Work

By Joseph Sunde When discussing the Christian call to service, we often hear references to Matthew 25, where Jesus speaks of a King who separates “sheep” from “goats” – those who are willing from those who refuse. To the sheep, the King offers the following: Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for [Read More...]

The Church’s Call to Steward God’s Mission in the World


By Stephen Grabill Although Christians across denominational lines often use stewardship language to describe our calling to live out God’s mission in the world, what we mean theologically by “stewardship” varies greatly across religious traditions. Some think stewardship is tithing; others think it means volunteering or living a simple lifestyle. Still others identify stewardship with [Read More...]

It’s Personal


By Heidi Segal Spend half a moment in the workaday world and likely you’ll hear the phrase, “it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” What does that mean, exactly? Is the marketplace uninhabited by people, disengaged from unique personalities and talents? For some, the phrase carries an esteemed objectivity corresponding to expeditious logic or a lifeless [Read More...]

The Art of Apple Picking and the Dignity Of Work

By Elise Hilton It is nearly time to pick apples. Row after row of trees, marked Gala and Honeycrisp and Red Delicious: an abundance of fruit that must be harvested in a relatively short time. And there is more to it than just yanking a piece of fruit off a branch: [T]he job is more difficult than [Read More...]

Kuyper on the ‘Sacred Calling’ of Scholarship

By Joseph Sunde The church has found a renewed interest in matters of “faith-work integration,” but while we hear plenty about following the voice of God in business and entrepreneurship, we hear very little about the world of academia. What does it mean, as a Christian, to be called to the work of scholarship? In Scholarship, a [Read More...]