Taurus Season: A Modern Witch’s Guide to the Stars 

Taurus Season: A Modern Witch’s Guide to the Stars  April 19, 2023

Are you ready to solidify your path? The sun transitioning to the sign of Taurus on April 20th might begin to ground you and provide you with some additional stability in the upcoming weeks.

After the first 2023 eclipse season, that is. 

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This season, as the sun shifts from the impulsive, driven sign of Aries to the grounded, sensual sign of Taurus, the seeds of new beginnings that were planted in the prior season can begin to take root.

Taurus is a down-to-earth energy that provides us with the strong foundations we need to see things through. Taurus Season is a time of refining, centering, and of material delights. As such, we can build upon the prior seasons’ initiative and solidify our plans with this cycle of seasons.

Full Moon in Scorpio:

Each year the Taurus Season will be accompanied by a full moon in Scorpio. This Scorpio full moon will occur on May 5th, 2023. Full moons are when the moon is most illuminated and the most potent. Manifestations can come to fruition during full moons, but they also provide us with an abundance of energy. Remember, you do not have to wait for your new moon manifestations. During this phase, rituals and spellwork can ordinarily be performed.

However, on this full moon, there is a caveat. There is a lunar eclipse that will close out our first eclipse season in 2023, with the initial solar eclipse having occurred in the sign of Aries. To learn more about this, see our article “Eclipse Season: To Cast, or Not to Cast, That is the Question.”

When the moon enters the sign of Scorpio, this is a passionate, driven energy that can complement the earthy, sensuality of the sun in Taurus. Scorpio is a water sign, making this energy one of depth and intuition. During this dynamic energy, we can tap into the practical nature of the Taurus sun with the assistance of the transformative Scorpio moon. 

Scorpio is a sign that doesn’t shy away from transformation. The ruling planet of Scorpio in modern astrology is Pluto which is a planet of upheaval and power. This energy paired with the eclipse can catapult our ability to transform to new heights. This is a time of clearing out the old to make way for the new and stepping into our power.

Mercury Retrograde:

We’re approaching 2023’s very first Mercury Retrograde this season as Mercury begins traveling backward on April 21st. The period two weeks before this is known as the preshadow period, so if you’ve been struggling with communication or experiencing delays, you now have a cosmic scapegoat.

Mercury is the planet that governs communication, technology, and travel. When Mercury is retrograde, we may find ourselves experiencing technical mishaps, travel delays, and miscommunications.

Please note that you do not need to pause your entire life for this occurrence. No, Mercury Retrograde occurs several times per year and this wouldn’t be a practical approach. The best course of action is to prepare for delays and mishaps under this influence to the best of your ability.

Mercury Retrogrades operate under the energy of a cosmic pause, so you will likely feel the pull to slow down. It’s absolutely fine to do so, but you can’t put your entire life on hold. Again, that’s impractical. 

Instead, you can understand this is a moment that is more centered on exploring our inner world. This can be an excellent time for finetuning the details of our lives, particularly in the areas related to the planet Mercury.

Pluto Retrograde:

Pluto starts its retrograde period on May 1st. By June 11th, Pluto will be back into Capricorn and won’t reenter Aquarius until January 2024. Pluto is the planet that governs transformation, power, and secrets. Regarding planets, Pluto is only rivaled by Saturn in terms of the fear factor. However, while Saturn dishes out lessons, Pluto has the propensity to devastate our foundations.

This is not meant to sound as ominous as it is written because as ever-evolving humans, we endure many transformations throughout our lifetime. There are times when we need nothing more than a catalyst to remove us from a situation that is no longer serving us, and Pluto transits are here to incite this. 

Pluto is a planet of power. As such, during its retrograde, we may find ourselves undergoing internal or external power struggles. These battles could take place within ourselves or with others, but ultimately, they highlight areas of our lives that need more attention. Are we giving in more than we should? Are we taking more than we should? These internal questions help to shed light on much-needed answers.

When Pluto is retrograde, this can also be a period of time that can reveal hidden truths that become pivotal moments of transformation. Many times, these will be truths we already knew at an instinctual level but needed the neon sign to move forward. Through this period, we’re likely to reevaluate our lives and determine what it is we would like to keep and what we need to rid ourselves of.  

New Moon in Taurus:

New Moons occur in conjunction with the sun and, therefore, in the same zodiac sign. This new moon coincides with the sun in Taurus on May 19th, 2023. New moons are the phase where intentions are set, and with the new moon in Taurus, the energy ushers in a sense of solidity we had been missing in the prior seasons. 

Taurus Season itself is a time of working on our foundations—which can be much needed if we’ve just survived an intense eclipse season. In a practical sense, foundations must be strong to support the weight of the entire building. In this instance, we are the building, and in order to succeed, we must be rooted within ourselves and grounded in stability. 

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and a sign that isn’t only concerned about internal stability, but material stability as well. In modern and traditional astrology, Taurus’s ruling planet is Venus, which is known as the planet of beauty, love, and pleasure. As such, Taurus has an appreciation of the finer things in life as well as a deep sense of sensuality. 

The steady nature of this sign makes this moon advantageous for building a solid foundation upon which to stand. When the moon is in Taurus, we are also more apt to immerse ourselves in our sensuality. This earthy energy can be great for cultivating beauty both around us and within. As such, spellwork involving beauty, self-love, transformations, material gains, as well as security is particularly successful under this influence. 

Key Dates:

  • Solar Eclipse on April 20, 2023
  • Sun Enters Taurus on April 20, 2023
  • Mercury Retrograde on April 21, 2023
  • Pluto Retrograde on May 1, 2023
  • Full Moon in Scorpio on May 5, 2023
  • New Moon in Taurus on May 19, 2023


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