I Could Sense the Presence of Hope

I Could Sense the Presence of Hope November 3, 2022

Tree displaying fall colors. Hope during challenging times.
Photo by Susan Lax

Finding Hope in Challenging Times

This past week has been a challenging one.

Sitting in my Tel-Aviv home, recovering from a second round of Covid, I listened as the voices of equality, peace and unity were being quieted.

I had moments of grief, sadness and frustration.

Some were harder than others.

I believe it is my continuous close relationship with hope that sustains me.

Hope is a necessity; we mustn’t stand in her way.

She doesn’t cure an illness nor a worldly disaster.

Yet she can make a moment a good one.

Hope can lift our soul so we can step into the next moment that awaits us.

With a renewed sense of inspiration and faith.

Hope is born every morning all over again.

May the winds of hope continue to guide us.



The unexpected warmth of a November morning let me know.

I could sense the presence of hope.

Autumn colors, with the spirit of spring,
filled my newly open windows.

Inviting me to take a swim in its invigorating waters.

I could sense the presence of hope.

Offering to flow through my heart space.

Caressing my spirit with the beauty of simplicity.

I could sense the presence of hope.

In my now, I rest in the embracing arms of hope.

She guides me, as she clears the path of fear and grants me the triumph of a good moment.

I could sense the presence of hope.



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