Our Heart Mind and Soul Need a Good Gardner

Our Heart Mind and Soul Need a Good Gardner October 26, 2022

I listen to stories.

I feel incredibly privileged to be the audience of so many storytellers.

Some schedule time to share their words, others find me unexpectedly.

Both are a beautiful source of inspiration and gratitude for the language of the heart.

This weekend I flew to Pittsburg for a book signing, as well as a Naot footwear donation.

Sitting behind my colorful book table, pen in hand, stories of humanity lined up.

A young woman approached, her face covered by a protective mask, yet a sweet smile was detected in her brown eyes.

I learned about her 96-year-old grandmother, who she had come to help watch over.

The hard demands of parenting, and a floating home she tends to in Seattle.

Her devotion to care taking, and the struggle to find herself amongst all of the care she was handing out.

We spoke for awhile exchanging lessons of the heart.

“Come, sit, rest for a moment.” I offered her.

Sitting in a red chair next to me, she opened A Heart’s Landscape, disappearing into a moment all for her.

More sweet souls and self-storytellers lined up waiting to have their copy signed.

Adding so many beautiful pages to the book of humanity and human spirit I could keep close to my heart.

Rising with a new bounce in her movement, the young woman from Seattle turned to me.

“Thank you, it has ben awhile since I found a way back to me.”

“You are the roots to all of your moments sometimes we just need to weed the surroundings so our flowers can bloom.” I softly responded as I signed her book.

“One moment of bringing an attentive heart to be with yourself, just you, can be an invitation to tend to the garden of your soul.”

Happy weeding to all.



Gardens, house flowers and vegetables, are beautiful however they also grow weeds.

When a garden is overtaken by weeds, flowers become invisible, and vegetables don’t produce as well.

Nurturing your garden is crucial for its growth.

Removing weeds from a garden makes room for produce and bloom bloom to breathe, expand and share her richness.

Every now and then   our mind, heart and soul need a good gardener, to remove the weeds of negativity and worry.

Allowing our blooming growth and colors to emerge.

One moment of weeding in the garden of our being invites joy to the garden of our moments.�


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