How Do We Hear What Our Soul Is Telling Us

How Do We Hear What Our Soul Is Telling Us January 4, 2023

How Do We Hear What Our Soul is Telling Us?

 There is no magical telephone line, or radio station that allows one to hear the voice of their soul.

And yet we are constantly told to listen to what our soul is telling us.

So how do we hear what our soul is telling us?


Like Anything Else It Takes Practice

I have found in my work as a spiritual counselor, that like anything else, making time and space to hear your inner voice takes practice.

One minute of stillness, calm silence, is the perfect way to become familiar with the sounds of your soul.

Routine is the coach for your soul.

By practicing a routine of sacred silence for just one minute each morning, your being will begin to hear the sounds of your soul.

Slowly you will crave more than one minute of stillness.

The tranquil silence will become the best microphone your soul’s voice will have.

Woman in Stillness on the Beach
Photo by Susan P. Lax – SACRED STILLNESS



The Garden of Your Moments May Blossom

When we can hear what is going on in the orchestra of our soul, the ability to reach moments of good is especially  present.

Relationships with others as well as yourself become more intimate and meaningful.

The garden of your moments may blossom, and your heart’s landscape may become vivid.


Morning Inspiration

I wrote this Morning Inspiration as a reminder of the importance a silent moment has for our soul.

Silence is wisdom.
It is where the unheard voices of my heart await me.
Sitting peacefully, quietude caresses my eyes, with the gentleness of a mother’s touch.

Silence is wisdom.
Offering my moment, a pause, creating mind space with thoughtful intent.
Holding my words until each syllable is designed to craft a moment of growth, joy and compassion.

Silence is wisdom.
Teaching my spirit lessons of the heart.
Calming one limb at a time, covering my whole being with a blanket of serenity.

Silence is wisdom.
With silence, I am with all of me, the broken, strong, creative, silly me.
My smile appears with the sweet innocence of a first breath.

Silence is wisdom.
Sit in her presence for a while.


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