It’s not Selfish; Honor Self Love This St. Valentine’s Day

It’s not Selfish; Honor Self Love This St. Valentine’s Day February 14, 2020

It’s not selfish but perhaps counter cultural; it does not feed into the current of growing individualism in our culture today. In fact, I believe it is the catalyst for being able to love others more fully.

On February 14, St. Valentine’ s day this year, honor and celebrate self love; how loveable, irreplaceable, unique and powerful you are; how purposeful it is to be God’s beloved; how much meaning and fullness we have or can choose to have by believing and having faith in how amazingly special we are in God’s eyes primarily.

You can’t love well or love others or yourself the best you can when their is no firm foundation, no point of origin and/or wellspring that allows us to be fully functioning in the very human act of love; when there is no faith in your “loveableness.”

I don’t mean to scatter showers or snowflakes on your sunny-romance day but we fail at loving ourselves and others as we should. Of course, our potential is always there and Jesus’ command to love is our highest call and responsibility not just as Christians but as humans.

However and for this Valentine’s day and perhaps every one going forward, bank on, raise your glasses to, internalize and bring joy into your inner world by embracing a fundamental truth: God’s love and the fact that God’s love for you is congenital, eternal and perfect and that you are perfectly and wholly loveable.

That is not selfish but a sincere and honest act; you can’t be selfish when an inner initiative turns into an outer mission and life lead by kindness.

It is not selfish when you take the reality of God’s love for us and project it back into the world.

It’s not selfish because the process begins with us and we are the point of origin in all of this; God wills it that way.

We can choose not to share but it’s my personal belief that accepting and living this truth is so visceral and life giving, that the next natural act is to announce this good news in all that we say and in all that we do.

It starts with you and moves on through us all.

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