Sunday Morning Love a Little late-Volume 1; Faith like St. Teresa

Sunday Morning Love a Little late-Volume 1; Faith like St. Teresa January 19, 2020
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The sunshine after the storm, the uplifting spurt of joy after the trial; these are the moments we know we are moving on from the pain or living through it courageously.
Even if the moment is fleeting and the words, “I’m going to be fine” don’t sound too convincing as they leave your lips or circle around in your mind, the point is, you said them, you thought it and there was a moment of peace, as compromised as it may seem.
Faith is hard because the true test is to keep professing it even when your buried in hopelessness, when you feel a bottomless void inside. Somehow you need to convince yourself that your slowly even painstakingly on the way up.
St. Teresa of Calcutta witnessed suffering in the streets of India that many of us can barely even start to comprehend and this beloved saint like many others, also experienced a prolonged crisis of faith or something along these lines as a result of all she encountered.
Mother Teresa felt and waded through profound spiritual darkness, the absence of God- a “nothingness” inside all the while remaining steadfast and faithful to her prayer life and ministry in caring for those living on the very fringes of society.
Heart shattering and deplorable suffering may have sapped the light in her soul but this extraordinary saint pressed on; she maintained her faith in a faithless state. She had her choices and she gave suffering no headway into full despair; she utilized her state of nothingness as a trajectory towards grace and saintliness-sainthood.
Pain was the stepping stone towards an elevated life; one filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and manifested into acts of loving charity central to her imitable legacy.
Pain can be powerful and redemptive when we don’t let it defeat but embolden us.
One spurt of peace and joy connects to the next and together amount to our freedom and progress.
Bask in each ray of sunshine and press on.
St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us.
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