The Perks to Your Quirks; Embracing the Full You

The Perks to Your Quirks; Embracing the Full You January 17, 2020
Photo by Tim Green aka atoach on / CC BY

Let’s honour our quirks with whole, opened hearts.

Let’s embrace those of others as well in the same vein and fashion.
Good, bad or somewhere in between,our quirks are ours, the projections of our characters whether forged by experience or genetics blah blah blah…
And we are in charge of their growth and impact on our lives.
In the grand scheme of things, even our worst traits, habits, features etc… can in the long run, force happenings and change that make us better on various levels.
In order to lose over 70 lbs, I had to live with obesity for over 35 years and get fed of being fed up of feeling like a second rate version of myself that sucked the quality out of my life for so long.
Whatever the case, when it comes to change and development, everything has a starting point. From that point forward, the world is your oyster and moreover therefore, the value, benefit and purpose of our quirks can arguably be deemed relative.
Most importantly, our mindset with regards to our “specialness” will determine the depth of its dynamic beauty and originality.
So, you think your a little or a lot of weird, an anomaly no one can understand and forever place yourself under the “freak” category?
Take it or leave it, someone thinks your a masterpiece-oddness and all. God is the artist also known as the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth and that includes you.
You are a byproduct of divinity- all of you: Mind, body and soul-sinner and all.
God looks at the full package known as you and declares “it is good”; everyday, all the time until you return to dust.
And regardless of the haters, you have lovers- platonic and non-platonic ones. And if they love you, that means they would not compromise your quirkiness for anything; your quirkiness adds value to their life, fulfills them; who knows, your strangeness may be what gets them out of bed on some mornings.
As someone with GAD, my wife has to deal with mood swings often and regularly. She is my biggest supporter and is the epitome of flexibility and inner strength.
That being said, just the other day I was having a discussion with my better half and I apologized because I have been quite difficult, annoying and argumentative in general lately due to a semi-severe bout of anxiety.
Her response: “Your a nut, but after all these years, you still give me butterflies.”
There are perks to your quirks.
Cheers to them.
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