The Chosen Ones; The Epic Life Story of God’s Resilience in You

The Chosen Ones; The Epic Life Story of God’s Resilience in You January 12, 2020
Photo by Ruth and Dave on / CC BY
Believe in the turnaround.
It may take anywhere between now and what feels like eternity but in due time, the glory of redemption begins to seep through the emerging cracks of the present conflict. It’s all about resilience.
It is a question of accepting and working through and with God’s time frame; his clock; the test of our will to accept and endure with as much patience as possible, the fully intentional and premeditated movement of the arms on the master clock.
Not an easy feat especially when your in pain, whatever the level and type; not at all, I empathize.
I believe it’s our vocation as humans to share in God’s power and strength on some limited level by learning through difficult experiences, how to
be resilient in Him. Consider life’s circumstances as not coincidence and some random series of events devoid of purpose, intention and meaning; but as one big master class in resilience or an epic miniseries;  welcome to Godflicts and its multifaceted docudrama gone reality tv slash biography staring you, your life; God’s resilience seen through your eyes and soul.
We don’t know why we go through the things we do and as such when they happen, we are or may feel like we have just been catapulted into a deep stream of emotions and questions that remain mysteriously opened ended and raw.
Maybe, it’s not about talking, the idiosyncratic back and forth-inner and outer dialogue and thinking. Maybe, it’s about simply marinating in our thoughts and emotions and submitting to the Lord: being.
Call it being more fully aware should you wish; a gift and grace we were given by God at birth and which unequivocally separates us from the animal kingdom.
We live, we feel, we reflect and we can learn; time and time again and realistically, sometimes the hard way is the only and best way. Some call it the school of hard knocks, growing another layer of skin; others and Catholics I believe correct me if I am wrong, call it redemptive suffering, another way of saying courageous living if you may.
It’s the narrow path that causes us so much anxiety because we fear being squeezed to death when in fact, it seems or least I am learning through age and grace, that the road less traveled has the uncanny ability to squeeze the best out of you; the true you, the child of God that the Lord chooses to love, nurture, cultivate, teach, support, and heal in His mysterious but fulfilling ways.
We can focus on the pain, regret, anger, resentment and various strands of negative thoughts and feelings we battle during our biggest challenges or learn through time and experience, how to consider and accept the present challenge as being chosen and or being offered an opportunity; your time to be chosen.
And here is the spoiler, want it or not: the story, series, class whatever, will always end with His glory and redemption as seen in the course and unraveling of your chosen life.
Believe in the turnaround; it’s forthcoming and epic, reruns and all.
Photo by <a href=””>Ruth and Dave</a> on <a href=”″></a> / <a href=””>CC BY</a>

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