Sunday Morning Love a Little Late Volume 2; Let Go and Let God Live

Sunday Morning Love a Little Late Volume 2; Let Go and Let God Live February 16, 2020
Photo by Burdo Diseños on / CC BY


In last Sunday’s blog, I touched upon an important point when discussing and praying over how to grapple with despair and how God is our eternal anchor and support in this struggle. Today, I want to revisit and discuss how a lot of the pain we cause ourselves on all fronts is deeply rooted in the need to control.

We need to mitigate the clenching fist like stance and desire we have to want to control our lives fully and completely; it’s not the natural course of things.
Somehow, somewhere we forget who God is and develop the unhealthy audacity to try and usurp his power as creator and master of all that is living; like destiny is ours to manipulate, lord over, dominate and control.
Don’t feel so bad; we all go down that path; our thoughts and preoccupations can have so much control over our minds and hearts that we loose touch with the reality of our God’s role in the grand scheme of things.
Our hands are so firmly gripped on the wheel and we are so zealous in the act of steering the course of our lives in the direction we deem fit, that we totally ignore or barely turn our heads to the gentle and unassuming captain right next us; looking at us with His hands wide open, ever so gently trying to initiate His take back; inching His way back to His place as the rightful, holy and all powerful and knowing captain.
We can take up some much space in the space of our lives with this inner drive to be on top of every little detail that the Holy Spirit has to use its boundless creative energy to find its way into the crannies of our overloaded minds and hearts.
The truth of the matter is, peace of mind only presents itself when we forsake our obsessions with control, get out of God’s way and give Him His space to invoke and infiltrate our lives with grace, with poised, wise direction and counsel, with something for us to chew on and that nourishes us inside and out.
It’s about learning what and when to give up so that God can take up his place as our Lord and savior.
Peace replaces pressure when God is left to be God and we allow our limitations to be the starting point of his works of grace.
 Photo by <a href=”″>Burdo Diseños</a> on <a href=”″></a> / <a href=””>CC BY</a>

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