Stop the Stink; Half Witted Advice on Being More Positive at The Office

Stop the Stink; Half Witted Advice on Being More Positive at The Office January 11, 2020
Shut up and work; really; seriously; honestly.
Don’t be offended but office rumors, chatter, conspiracy theories, infighting is a bunch of useless banter and crap.
Stay away from it at all costs.
No one works for perfect companies and organizations and I’m sure we can look up thousands of stories online about corporate corruption and horror stories about office politics gone sideways and abuse; assuming we are not consummating false news and all its hyperbole and fabrications.
I’m likewise sure that you may have your own personal testimonies of when someone, somewhere crossed the line morally and professionally speaking or you may be living an experience like this right now.
No disrespect intended; but do count on my prayers and good wishes in honor and support of the inevitable justice that will be poured out for your cause and case; because yes, I do believe that God is good all the time and that all the time God is good. Call me a cock-eyed optimist should you wish or until you catch me on a day where my anxiety is getting the better side of moi.
Yes, I also agree that companies are not the same anymore; times have changed and as a result, so have values; and it may or may not seem that like enterprises are more focused on the bottom line and perhaps a little precarious when it comes to nurturing and growing its human capital these days; but that is a statement rooted in subjectivity and wholly opinionated.
In the same vein and applying the same degree of subjectivity, I also believe we may be a little more sensitive and dismissive too which only adds to the complexity of the argument in question.  Is it not too much to consider the remote possibility that we may need to chill out as well and not take everything so seriously all the time? A glass of levity anyone?
Whatever the case, rumors, back talking, complaining and whining only douses the office with bitterness, mistrust and phoniness. It’s very negative and sucks for a lack of a better word. Again and for the umpteen time, we have choices- to whine and pout or not to; give in and participate in the silliness or not: to follow the pack or quietly but assuredly lead in your own unique, counter cultural way.
And yes, I believe that putting your head down and simply walking more than talking, working more than complaining and huffing, brushes quite acutely against the grain in a world where people use their social media accounts like a psychologist’s couch.
Don’t mope, cope. Diffuse the stupidity with poise and rational thinking; put the shoe on the other foot and let’s try to empathize with others and criticize less and use more common sense when it comes to determining when we should complain about something.
We all have our stories, reasons, bumps and bruises; let’s be honest and real about it; but being continuously disgruntled leads to a joyless and hopeless existence no matter what area in your life.
Can we settle for a struggle with sprinkles of momentary joy, peace and satisfaction? Can we get a little bored every once in a while with dragging our feet and add a little more pep to our stride, a little more pride; or at least fill the air with the comfortable silence of not complaining for more than 5 minutes?
We never know what kind of change we may experience in our lives when we try to make an effort for the haphazard optimists sitting across the room or using up too much space elsewhere in the scope of our daily existence.
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