Announcing the Grand Prize Winners of the 31 Amazing Days Challenge

Announcing the Grand Prize Winners of the 31 Amazing Days Challenge November 2, 2012

For the 31 Amazing Days Challenge in October, hundreds of people tried to notice what was amazing in their lives already and tried to live more Amazing Days, ending on Halloween (and our daughter’s totally amazing costume you see here).

And on the 32nd day, they rested.

So here we are in November, on the other side of this intense season of intentional Amazing Days. More than ever, I am convinced that everybody is wired for greatness but needs an excuse to live in light of that, a life that is better today than the one they were living yesterday.

This flows out of our theology, that we are made in the image of God, that each person is deeply loved by the Almighty, that Jesus showed us the best way, and that his resurrection and Spirit enable us to live it out (at least sometimes).

We have been living out this Amazing Days idea for over 15 years. There are days we forget. There are days when we’re lazy. There are days when we want to, but we can’t.

Nonetheless, we have had more adventures than a life typically holds. We have more stories than we could ever remember (that’s why we’re writers). We have heaps of friends spread around the world. And we are better able to hear and follow God because we’re listening and looking, eager for the next Amazing Day.

Apparently, we are not alone

  • This 31 day project has been wonderful. It’s taught me how to reflect on each day and look for the amazing, fun, creative, and wonderful blessings (big and small) that God provides each and every day. Even on the hardest days, there are still things to be incredibly grateful for. Thank you, Jeskes! It’s truly been AMAZING. –Kylene
  • Its been an amazing 31 days, THANK YOU! 🙂 –Duane
  • I will definately have to buy this book to give to friends. It has captured my attention so far, and my new mantra is: “Listen. Believe. Go. See Christ there. Repeat ad infinitum.”…It has been an enlightening and meaningful month for me to spend time reading amazing adventures by everyone and being introduced to two lovely people, Christine and Adam. Wonderful to meet you in cyberspace and on the pages of your book. Hope to meet you in person someday.  –Darlene
  • This month has been stressful! However by focusing on how each day can be amazing, it has been much easier to deal with. Thank you. –Andrea
  • This month has helped me to notice the amazing blessings that surround me each day. Most of the time they have gone unnoticed, but not this month! Thanks for hosting 31 Amazing Days.  –Jody

If you’ve enjoyed 31 Amazing Days (and this blog, the community that is gathering), please get our book (This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling) and write a review on Amazon here. It prompts deep and important conversations when read with friends or a group from church. We’re available to come speak to your church, campus, or retreat. We have loved this process, but we still need to put food on the table!

To add to the fun, we have two Grand prize winners: Amy Murphy and Marni Gallerneault! They’ll each get an autographed copy of our book, five other books about living well for God and others, and a $50 Kiva gift card to help someone in a hard place overseas.

And so we will press on here, on this blog, and also on our Facebook page trying to living out the Bible’s extraordinary teachings in the midst of the our normal life.

We hope you will, too.


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