Humanize God, Deify Man?

Humanize God, Deify Man? January 19, 2006

Have you noted the trend of these modern-day times,
As you are urged to examine each man-made plan,
How some modern churches with their modern-day chimes,
Seem to humanize God, and to deify man!

The ancient Land-marks “which our Fathers did set,”
They essay to remove just as fast as they can,
By fallacious reasoning unequaled as yet,

They thereby humanize God and deify man!

They claim that modern thought is the latest and best,
But some have thus been modern since the world began.
The Church of Christ on earth will surely stand the test,
Though modernism does humanize God and deify man!

How terrible to change the meaning of God’s Word —
The Word of God written for every race and clan;
A misinterpretation wherever it’s heard —
When we thus humanize God and deify man.

God’s people are troubled, don’t know what to believe,
As they search the Word and its sacred pages scan;
All cunning craftiness lies in wait to deceive,
So do not humanize God, and deify man.

[Originally titled “Preach the Gospel Truth”] Taken from an old book, “The Most Useful KNOWLEDGE for the Orthodox Russian-American Young People,” compiled by the Very Rev’d Peter G. Kohanik, 1932-1934.

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