PICS: Alaska (Pt 1)

PICS: Alaska (Pt 1) March 26, 2006

Here are some pics from Alaska. I’ve found no time to write; I hope to post a more substantial travelogue later. I have included some brief captions beneath these here offered. It snowed all day yesterday, not good for photography.

This is the first pic taken after landing at the Kodiak airport: Women’s Bay. Scenes like this one are everywhere.

Looking back toward the direction of the airport, this is Barometer Mountain (if you can see the peak, flights are arriving).

This is St Paul’s Harbor, the location of St Herman’s Seminary and Holy Resurrection Cathedral (which houses St Herman’s relics).

And here you see one of the main sources of industry, fishing, in St Paul’s Harbor.

I went on a long walk on Friday to this island park. Yet, even though I was told there were no bears in this park, it was so dense, mysterious, and awesome … I decided that being a fraidy cat won’t half bad.

More pics, especially of the seminary and Cathedral, to come. God willing, water and wind cooperating, we’re to take a boat to Spruce Island tomorrow.

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