ST NILUS ISLAND: Alaska (Pt 5)

ST NILUS ISLAND: Alaska (Pt 5) March 31, 2006

By God’s grace & your prayers, I’m back in Houston. I have a couple more photo-blog installments, this one continues our pilgrimage …

After Monk’s Lagoon, we seven pilgrims headed to St Nilus Island, home of St Nilus Skete — a dependency of St Herman of Alaska Brotherhood — to take provisions to the two nuns there: Mothers Nila & Nina.

Our skiff approaches the beautiful beach of St Nilus Island.

Archpriest Chad Hatfield, Dean of St Herman Seminary, was our tour guide. Here, he leads the way (after the photographer, of course).

Another shot of St Nilus beach.

Can you find the St. Nilus of Sora Chapel?

Well, lets walk around to the path …

This picture is taken from the path leading down the hill, the opposite direction.

Priest & Monastic in Alaskan forest.

The return to the beach, awaiting the boat.

This pic is taken to show the clarity of the water. Can you see the ocean floor? This is probably 4 feet deep.

Nuns waving goodbye to pilgrims.

The water was very choppy on the return trip, clouds were moving in. After a long skiff ride on the sea, St Paul’s Harbor is a welcome site.

Later, pics from St Herman Seminary & St Innocent Academy.

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