ATHEISM: Less Shock, More Awe!

ATHEISM: Less Shock, More Awe! August 17, 2006

Maybe it’s just me and my upbringing, but I have never ever understood stuff like this:

“I can’t speak for the religious, but I cannot imagine anyone feeling a greater sense of the spiritual than I do when I look up at a starry sky on a cloudless night. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it: There is more awe and wonder in one chapter of an introductory astronomy book than in any ten Bibles.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, when Al Gore nominated Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, as his running mate, Americans were asked if they would vote for a qualified Jewish president. Over 90% of respondents said “Yes.” In the same poll, only 49% claimed they would support an atheist for president. While Jews can take heart in these numbers, atheists and humanists can only shake their heads in astonishment. When half of Americans still equate godless with immoral, there is clearly a massive amount of work to be done.”

You can read the whole article by David Gleeson H E R E.

Ugh! Spoiler alert …

“In the meantime, it is my fervent hope that our children’s children inherent a world free from superstition, fear, guilt, arrogance and sin, and that we all learn to embrace a new, spiritual atheism that espouses love and tolerance toward each other, and awe and humility in the face of an endlessly wondrous, but godless, universe. “

Oh, and by all means, click here for the pic source & commentary.

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