Black Orthodoxy?

Black Orthodoxy? August 18, 2006

Fr John Whiteford offers a thought provoking video on Orthodoxy among Africans and African-Americans … H E R E.

A priest from Atlanta once recalled Metropolitan PHILIP telling him that we need to do everything we can to help bring African-Americans home to the True Faith.

What are we (you, me) doing?

Speaking of Atlanta, the sermons of Dr Tony Evans are always worth a listen. Much of what is preached from the pulpits (though they never seem to use them) of black churches is sound, Christ-centered and true. Whereas, in my opinion, popular white preachers often seem to be no more than positive-mental-attitude-snake-oil-salesmen.

There’s much to be done, no doubt. And we’re a long, long way from seeing T.D. Jakes convert. But, ya gotta admit, THAT would be a hoot!

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