Prayer for the Lapsed

Prayer for the Lapsed January 9, 2007

The following two petitions, along with the long prayer, may be added to a Prayer Rule for those who have fallen away from the Church (long ago, or yesterday).

Thou that desirest not the death of sinners, but awaitest their conversion and repentance, convert all those who have apostatized to Thy holy Church especially N. _____________; we pray Thee, O merciful Lord, hearken and have mercy.

Thou that hast given us Thy commandment, to love Thee our God, and our neighbor, work that hatreds, enmities, offenses, revenge, oath-breaking, and all other iniquities cease, and that true love should reign in our hearts, we pray Thee, our Saviour, hearken and mercifully have mercy.

O Most High God, Master and Maker of every creature, that fillest all things with Thy majesty, and upholdest them by Thy might! To Thee our all-gifted Lord do we, who are unworthy, bring thanks, for Thou turnest not away from us on account of our iniquities, but all the more Thou goest before us with Thy compassions. Thou didst send Thine Only-Begotten Son for our deliverance, and didst preach the good tidings of Thine immeasurable condescension to the race of man: for with desire dost Thou desire and await, that we should turn to Thee and be saved: condescending to the weakness of our nature Thou dost strengthen us by the all-powerful grace of Thy Holy Spirit, and comfortest us with the saving faith and perfect of eternal blessings, and guiding Thine elect unto the Sion above, Thou doest keep us as the apple of Thine eye. We confess, O Lord, Thy great and invincible love for mankind and loving kindness.

But seeing the feeble impulses of many, fervently we pray Thee, O all-good Lord: look upon Thy Church and see, that although we have received Thy saving Gospel with gladness, nevertheless the tares of vanity and passions have made it bear little fruit in some, and in others no fruit, and through the multiplication of iniquities some by heresies, others by schism, in opposing the truth of Thy Gospel, apostatize from Thine inheritance, reject Thy grace, and subject themselves to the judgement of Thy most-holy Word. O Most compassionate and all-powerful, be not angry to the end, O Lord! Be merciful, Thy Church prayeth Thee, setting before Thee the author and finisher of our salvation, Jesus Christ, be merciful to us, strengthen us in Thy right faith by Thy might, and unto those that are deceived do Thou enlighten the eyes of their reason by Thy divine light, that they may understand Thy truth: soften their bitterness and open their hearing, that they may know Thy voice and turn to Thee our Saviour.

Correct, O Lord, the corruptions of others and the life not in accordance with Christian piety: make us all to live holy and undefiled, and so let the saving faith take root in our hearts and remain ever fruitful. Turn not Thy face away from us, O Lord, give us the joy of Thy salvation: and grant, O Lord, to the pastors of Thy Church holy zeal, and dissolve their cares for the salvation and conversion of them that are deceived, with the spirit of Thy Gospel: That all being thus guided may, we attain to where there is the perfection of faith, the fulfilment of hope, and true love: and there with the choirs of the most pure heavenly hosts may we glorify Thee our Lord, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, unto the ages of ages.


Excerpts from a Molieben (Supplicatory Service) composed by Reader Isaac Lambertson.

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