PHARR / MEXICO – Winter Service Retreat

PHARR / MEXICO – Winter Service Retreat January 9, 2008

Since the spring of last year, when a podcast and a book gobbled up spare time, postings on this blog have become sporadic. I’ve contemplated going the way of all blogs with the inevitable P-P-Posting; which, though not a bad idea — it’s one whose time has not (quite yet) come.

For instance, if it weren’t for the blog I’d not be able to tell you about the group of exceptional folks pictured here. This pic was taken by Matushka Elizabeth Perdomo following the closing Liturgy, all in Spanish, at the Winter Service Retreat last week at St George Church in Pharr, Texas.

Pretty much everyone in this picture is smarter than me. In other words, the majority of them are homeschooled. For more info on homeschoolers, go HERE.

God willing, time allowing, I’ll post more pics from the retreat soon.

But, in the meantime, seriously … click on that homeschooler link.


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