30 Posts in 30 Days

30 Posts in 30 Days January 1, 2010

As of December 31st, there were 8,147 comments logged on the Orthodixie blog. The blog has been in operation since May 2004 — about 70 months, averaging 30 days per month, say: 2,100 days — which equals less than 4 comments per day. (Though I do appreciate the camaraderie of the ComBox, this has never been a “comment driven” blog.) I believe that the Western Rite query may have generated the most comments for one post; here’s the interview.

Thus, it was with great reluctance that, just yesterday, I agreed to pay for comment privileges through HaloScan-JS-Kit-Echo.

There was a time, briefly (for about 4 weeks, a couple years back) when this site was getting an average of 800 visits per day. I’d get out of bed thinking “OMG, gotta go put something up on the blog.” For what? I mean, really. So, I relaxed a bit and settled on basically plugging the weekly podcast and only putting up things that interested me.

Some things interest me but seem beyond the normal scope of this blog. For example, here’s one that I didn’t put up, too controversial: a video of the Ecumenical Patriarch purportedly presenting a Coca Cola executive with a copy of the Koran (skip to the 3:50+ mark).

FWIW: There have been 572,583 visits to this blog since its inception, with 997,465 page views.

I admire prolific bloggers, but I cannot imagine churning out all those words — not to mention all that wisdom (lack of), and managing all those comments (time) — on a daily basis. Thank God, there are those who can and do.

Every day, I check Drudge, AOL, News Forum, Get Religion, Mere Comments, Antioch, OCA, and ROCOR. Like a skipping stone on the pond, I hit some of the sites linked in the side margin of this blog. And, depending on the hot topics of the day, I may even visit a popular church gossip site. I also read some theology and, forgive me this, some psychology — those, coupled with Scripture, the pithy sayings in the Franklin-Covey planner, family conversations and church events, shall, undoubtedly, figure into the substance of my challenge:

In recognition of the New Year (inspired and awed by Molly’s perseverance), I am pledging myself to 30 posts in 30 days. Beginning tomorrow, each day this month, I shall throw some words, mostly my own words, up on this screen.

Don’t feel that you have to comment … but, if you do, it’s paid for.


BTW – Here’s some funny stuff, I don’t care who you are:

Dave Barry’s Year in Review

When Convert Priests Meet

Happy New Year!

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