July 24, 2013

Read about it HERE. Read more

July 24, 2013

Is wearing a girdle one of the manly virtues? The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! Image Source Read more

July 18, 2013

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Camp Podcast Mornin’ breaks over Camp Takatoka, Wagner, Oklahoma on the final full day of CSR, Sesson One, 2013 Which means another session of “Ask Abouna” (some snippets can be heard here). See that handsome seminarian to the left?  His name is George, from St George, Houston.  Here’s a pic of me and him at St Michael Church, Latakia – Syria, from a few years back: Got off campus for... Read more

July 13, 2013

Nothing to see here, folks … move along (and no one gets hurt).  The Three Marshkateers. Serenade Night. A little blurry … listen to the podcast to find out why! Note:  This is the only picture NOT featuring Kasey Cohlmia’s car! To hear a compilation of the Disney-themed songs from Serenade Night (and a funky version of Dr Seuss’s Sam I Am), listen to: The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! Read more

July 10, 2013

Yes, this is a birthday hat fashioned by my youngest daughter — thanks for noticing! Everybody’s going GREEN these days it seems. But, not those who are YELLOW. Of course, exceptions prove the rule. Wednesday, June 26 … time for Color Wars. These two pics were taken as the entire camp pranked Gayle (out running errands); she returned to an empty camp! This year, Build a Boat replaced Capture the Flag. Each team built a boat using only cardboard and... Read more

July 6, 2013

One of this year’s Arts & Crafts projects. Dress at Camp can be quite modest (especially on “Decades Night”). First:  Vespers. Then some socializing down on the ball court.  (This guy could be from North Carolina in any decade!) This one is from North Carolina … but he’s fakin’ the hair, man. In fact, him and his sister are fakin’ the early 70’s quite well. The 50’s are always on option. For this guy the 50’s are not optional. Who... Read more

July 5, 2013

The Orthodixie (Camp) Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! YaBoy! Read more

July 4, 2013

There it is — the Honey Moon!  (June 24th, crack of dawn.) Better than a Toby Keith song … great fun in Wagoner! One of the apples of my eye stacks ’em high … Not pictured here — he went 5 tier! David … Goliath! “Wait.  What?”  Little pig, little pig let me come in …   Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin! More pics to come! Part ONE. The Orthodixie (Camp) Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio!... Read more

July 3, 2013

At least for a spell, the high point of Camp is getting there by bird. For a short spell, Erin’s in charge (as Fr James is on another bird). No bird analogies for Miss Sandy — but the shirt does cast a spell. While unwitting campers mill about aimlessly, little do they know about the spell to be cast upon them by … The Camp Staff. (Be very afraid.) Sufficiently sedated, the campers listen to the rules and regs for... Read more

June 23, 2013

What does John the Baptist have in common with bees, mead, honey and moons — even honeymoons?     If Zacharias and Elizabeth knew then what they know now, would they have gone through with it all? The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! Read more

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