Camp St Raphael 2013 – Pt 6

Camp St Raphael 2013 – Pt 6 July 18, 2013
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Mornin’ breaks over Camp Takatoka, Wagner, Oklahoma on the final full day of CSR, Sesson One, 2013

Which means another session of “Ask Abouna” (some snippets can be heard here).

See that handsome seminarian to the left?  His name is George, from St George, Houston.  Here’s a pic of me and him at St Michael Church, Latakia – Syria, from a few years back:

Got off campus for the first time all week … treated to Runt’s BBQ and — it’s always good to eat your veggies — some fried pickles.

A fancified version of Ring Around the Rosie?

Not for these guys!

Dap Dabke Drummer.

Coke?  Yes, two please!

And, so … the light fades over Camp …

Soon the last remaining Angle Ballers will call it a day …

Vballers, too.

And, there it is.  Another one, come and gone …

OMG!  How did this one get in here?  Please don’t report me!  (These guys are ruthless!)

For an audio snapshot of Camp St Raphael, Session One, 2013 — click the link:

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