It was an incredible Beltane, I was overwhelmed by the warmth, both from a brilliant sun and the people surrounding me.  Over the weekend I wallowed in community manifest in loving honor of everything we collectively hold sacred.  Over and over my thoughts drifted to what the world would be like if humanity embraced the sense of loving acceptance and community that enveloped me over the weekend.

It was during one of these moments, engaged in an inner conversation about how community like this is exactly what motivates my activism that I sat down and engaged in a conversation that took me totally by surprise. My very being was shaken as I came to understand how differently others perceive the energy I put into the causes I fight for.

Sitting across from me was a friend and the event coordinator for the weekend. She bagan to explain the she reads my activist “stuff” online but just does not engage.  She expressed that such actions are not for everyone and “each to their own”. Simply stated I was stunned; This dear friend was somehow of the opinion that I would hold my activism as having value and would somehow need to hear an explanation as to why she does not respond to my writings.

My friend Jenny, who sacrificed a multitude of hours and countless opportunities to embrace her personal needs to manifest the very community I fight for was unaware that I  hold her service in such high esteem that I would never even dream of seeing my own service as even nearly as valuable.

Jenny, and the organizers who have come before her are real Heros of our community.  She, through sheer force of will envisions and manifests a community that feeds the spirits of our entire Pagan collective.  What she and others across our nation do is beyond compare in terms of its inherent value.

If I were to need to find an example of “true effective activism” it would lie with those such as Jenny who do the planning, logistics and execution of our communities’ events.  Jenny at her heart is a humble soul and I am sure she would view this post as a little over the top.  As for me I felt the need to publicly say the she is a Hero in my eyes and stands as a shinning example of what true activism is. I am proud to call her a friend and humbled when I have the opportunity to relish the sweet experience of standing as a small part of her community!

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