Fire Chief Comes Out As Antifa

Fire Chief Comes Out As Antifa September 1, 2017

As we witness real world violence against proud Americans standing for the values of our nation, fascist and extreme right-wing trolls are hard at work convincing people that those who oppose fascist movements are violent, aggressive and unprincipled in their actions. Nothing could be further from the truth!

These trolls bring forth images of a tiny fraction of the Anitfa movement and attempt to exploit their natural fear of reprisals from fascists. They attempt to use images of the Black Block, clad in black with masks on to frighten Americans into believing there is a threat to American values from the left.

Take a moment to consider that the Reverend Cornell West credits the Black Block with saving the lives of a large group of faith leaders during the protest in Virginia.

Noting that the Black Block is just a small fraction of the Antifa movement should not be taken as Antifa distancing themselves from this group. In fact, people within the Antifa movement generally believe in a ‘diversity of tactics’, there is room for masses of peaceful protesters, those working the political system and yes, those who use defensive force when confronting Fascists.

Let’s take a look at what the term Antifa really means. It means Anti-Fascist. In world War II, 411,000 American anti-fascist solders lost their lives fighting Fascists. To be Antifa is as American as you can get. Think about it, if you are not anti-Fascist how exactly do you count yourself as an American? Those who demonize those who fight Nazis, lend support to Nazis by default.

So, let’s take a look at what a real Antifa individual looks like.


Yep that’s a photo of a Fire Chief, in fact it is a photo of this writer who served his nation for twenty years as a Firefighter. Retired from fighting fire now, perhaps some may think this Chief has lost it and joined some radical left-wing conspiracy, so let’s take a look at a current photo to see what an Anitfa member really looks like

Peter suite

Getting the idea? Antifa is your grandparents who fought the Fascists half a century ago, Antifa is your co-workers who believe in fairness and justice; who would be willing to defend you should you be attacked for who you are.

Bear with me here as I present just one more photo:


This is a photo of this writers’ father who as a teenager joined the Danish Resistance in fighting the Nazis. There is zero chance that I will spit on his memory and bravery by abandoning those who confront Fascists!

Frankly the most un American thing anyone in this nation can do is join in the process of demonizing the very people who are willing to lay down their lives in defense of our values.

Yes, this Fire Chief is Antifa and if you are a loyal American so are you!

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