The Patheos Kerfuffle, Yawn!

The Patheos Kerfuffle, Yawn! January 31, 2017



My inbox is exploding with discussion of the new Patheos writers contract. Frankly I think all the attention to the issue is distracting from the real meaningful debates and social justice actions taking place in our nation. To put it another way, ‘I just don’t care very much about the issue at hand’.



So Belief Net, which is owned by Christians purchased Patheos;, now come the new ownership seeking a change to the writers contract which gives them more control over content and the right to edit posts. Functionally, the timing serves to distract liberal and progressive writers on all the Patheos channels from the important social justice actions they are supporting….. who knew such a thing could happen?



Will I sign the contract? No, Will I protest? No, will I engage in debate about the issue? Not likely!



Frankly with the world facing the specter of emerging fascism at the top levels of our government, with social, environmental , economic and racial justice movements facing erasure via growing intolerance, this contract issue seems a childish endeavor designed to insure we are divided.



To my co writers at Patheos, I support you what ever you decide to do,. To Jason who has done such an outstanding job, you are a hero. To Patheos, if you send me an acceptable contract I’ll sign it. What I won’t do is spend any more time on this. Fascism is coming and I intend to spend my energy fighting it, not squabbling over crumbs.


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