Dear Democrats, An Invitation Home

Dear Democrats, An Invitation Home November 12, 2016

Image by DonkeyHotey.  From Flickr.
Image by DonkeyHotey. From Flickr.


It has been a rough week for you. After a contentious election where you were lead to believe that it was in the best interests of your party to support a big money corporate influence candidate reality is now setting in.


Over the past few months we on the left have missed you. As a group, multiple democratic operatives, at high levels, told us that you did not need our votes.; after witnessing the un-ethical treatment of our favored candidate in the primaries we believed them. We voted our conscious, or just had no enthusiasm for the election at all, as we were clearly not needed or valued by the party.


Today it is becoming clear that this was a major strategic error on their part. The heart, soul and moral compass of democratic principles lives within the beating hearts of the left. Without our presence you lacked the passion and moral high ground that clearly communicating a vision for the future requires.


We also know that without you we have little ability to insure that we are able to resist the wave of hatred that the president elect rode to the White House. So today, we invite you home to embrace the principles that made you democrats in the first place. WE NEED YOU JUST AS MUCH AS YOU NEED US.


Like all home comings, however, please be respectful and don’t bring too much baggage, our political abode has no space for big corporate money meant to corrupt our principles, nor do we have storage places for elitist ideas that place the rich and powerful voices above those of our collective diverse community.


We invite you home knowing full well that in your heart you hold the same principles we do, we will not berate you for having been deceived by an incredibly seductive and well crafted narrative of establishment power, we intend to instead  re focus us all on protecting those vulnerable in our nation and moving forward towards social, economic and enviornmental justice.


Welcome back home!

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