Dakota Access, Drawing a Line in the Sand

Dakota Access, Drawing a Line in the Sand September 7, 2016





There are moments that demand we stand for what is right. Actions taken against the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters by the builders directly and by local government officials by their strategic absence is one of these moments.

Let’s call everyone who believes in the rights of Indigenous peoples


Stand Now!


All those who believe water is a sacred source of life


Stand Now!


All who wish their children to freely enjoy fruits of the earth


Stand Now!


Those who acknowledge that violence against anyone is violence against us all


Stand Now!


Those who have benefited from the subjugation of this land


Stand Now!


Those who would defend the graves of their ancestors


Stand Now!


Those who wish for a moment when centuries of oppression can be stopped


Stand Now!



This is the opportunity of a lifetime to educate an entire generation and draw a line against the continued oppression that has become a hallmark of our national ethos; if we Stand Now!










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