A Firefighter’s Plea For the Earth!

A Firefighter’s Plea For the Earth! September 21, 2015


It has been a long year for me as a Wildland Firefighter. Over the months I have witnessed Florida Panther habitat burning, fires encroaching on native peoples homes in Alaska, California ablaze and tens of thousands of acres of Idaho burning before my eyes.  Smoke filled the air to such an extent that I found it hard to breath, to sleep, to accomplish my duties.


Across America I have stood witness to the opening rounds of the conflict between our climate and those causing catastrophic damage to our environment.  This is direct experience, watching millions of acres consumed by flames during a UN presentenced season.


As things have calmed and I have returned home, I now stand witness to a debate as to the validity of climate change. I am sickened by the statements of politicians in defense of the corporate oil interests that finance them. Climate change is the #1 moral issue of our time.  It sickens me to witness people promoting policies that will ensure their grandchildren will inherit a world in peril for the sake of profit.
Let me be clear, as I stood among the flames I received a very graphic lesson in what is happening on our planet.
Do not deny science as I stand among burned homes and view vistas blackened due to irresponsible human activity.
Do not deny reality as thousands of firefighters struggle to breath within the firestorm.
Do not pontificate about not being a scientist when the reality of climate change has seen me grieving for the lives of more than a dozen sister and brother Firefighters this season.


Those who witness the damage know better, we will stand for our planet and the continued existence of our collective human community. Frankly I am over the  BS spewed by individuals who are willing to trade the future of humanity for a few more dollars in their pocket.  Their indifference is the closest thing to manifest evil that I see among humanity.
Having witnessed her desecration, I will stand for her healing, take action, demand accountability, confront misinformation and engage in civil disobedience when needed to call attention to their crimes against humanity and the earth.

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