Blood Ties

Blood Ties October 19, 2014

I finally got back on anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication on Tuesday. They also drew blood because of past problems with hypothyroid, and because I am suspicious of a problem with low blood sugar.
I am working on being accepted for a charity healthcare program here in Champaign, since I make just slightly too much to qualify for Medicaid. And the anti-biotic’s, plus my Prozac, only cost like eight bucks total, without insurance. That’s pretty nice. It’s a relief that I have a primary care doctor.

The downside was the blood draw. I don’t know how I can enjoy piercing’s, and yet having blood work done freaks me out. It isn’t the blood, like it is for most people. Its the way the stick feels. I’ve had a problem with that since I was around five or so. Hypothyroid is genetic in my family, and the med’s have a history of not really being effective for me.
I discovered something else is genetic last week, on a hike in the woods. I went out there with a married couple who are members of CASC, and we were talking about vampirism, and I mentioned that I had suspected that I was a psy vamp for years, based on the way certain situations effect me. I was told I was one, but not “enlightened” yet. So I came up with an idea, because I always felt much healthier for a few days after spending time around trees and rocks. I tried to feed from a tree, with its permission. Now I’ve been dealing with an infected toe nail for a couple weeks, for which I finally got anti-biotic’s the other day. But for about two days after I did that, the pain and swelling pretty much vanished. Made me feel light-headed, but it was great. I also took the time to ally myself with a powerful female woodland spirit, and discovered the hickory has some message for me, though I am unsure what it is yet.
The genetic part of this is that I know my grandfather and mother had vision-type dreams of past and future. And my mother was an unconscious psy vamp, very dangerous. She would walk in and all the happy energy of the house would just suck away into a void of nothing. I realized that it explained why the more I pulled away, the worse our fighting became. Like the POA she put me under may have had a subconscious motive, to always keep psychic energy near enough for her to feed on. I’m working on ridding myself of those documents now, though I won’t say more here for safety reasons.
I, unlike her, no of my abilities, and of the things I need. I can feed from earth and trees, and feel a lot better. I can manage anxiety and depression, and feel a lot better. I can only embrace my chosen family, whether blood-related or not, and feel a lot better. Because there is potential that my psy vamp friend and myself are related on the powerful side of my mother’s line. Next week, I plan to offer you, the reader, a little glimpse into that history. It is closing in on Samhain. I want to find out more about Arelia Hesse, who trained race horses in Michigan in the 1920’s, and through various encounters, has revealed herself to possibly have been a witch.

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