Nine Things Visually Impaired (VI) Pagans Have to Put Up With

Nine Things Visually Impaired (VI) Pagans Have to Put Up With January 14, 2015

Just a list that people might find interesting.

1. There are audio versions of the testaments everywhere, but very few Pagan books.
2. I hate stoves. Accidents always seem to happen no matter what I’m doing. Usually involving hot water. Guess I’m brewing the herbs in the microwave. Or the coffee maker.
3. When the weather sucks, who wants to stand at the bus stop? And begging rides is depending on someone else, which makes us feel like burdens. And gas creates polution. So you don’t get to do anything fun that day.
4. When you need to post a group event for your coven, and Mobile Facebook doesn’t have a create event link for group admins, and neither does Facebook for iPhone. So you have to struggle through the regular Facebook’s bogged-down layout which is not JAWS friendly.
5. You like to draw dream visions, but pen strokes are too thin to make out. Soft led pencils can be hard to find, so you end up drawing everything in chiseled Sharpy, which means you can’t erase and start over. So you waste a lot of paper in screw-ups.
6. Going out in the woods to connect with nature is difficult when your depth perception sucks and you do not like getting nailed by low tree branches.
7. People can be well-meaning, and attempt to accomodate you. And in the flow of ritual, you don’t want to disrupt things. So having to ask them not to touch you without permission can be a mood killer. Ask, don’t assume.
8. Camping is nice, but if you want anything cooked in the fire, it’s going to take two, because it isn’t so easy to aim those stick things.
9. You can’t drive, so you buy ritual supplies online. You need to feel their energy to see if they agree with you, so this is problematic.

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